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A Guide to Earning TEFL Certification in India

As the second-most populous country in the world, India is home to more than 1.2 billion people. It is also the world’s third-largest English-speaking country, which makes it a worthwhile destination to earn your TEFL certification abroad. When you’re not in the classroom shadowing teachers and learning new teaching strategies through TEFL courses in India, you’ll be kept busy exploring the nation’s historic trade routes, exotic spices, ancient temples, and delicious cuisine.


India happens to be the largest democracy in the world. The country gained independence in 1947 thanks to non-violent resistance by Mahatma Gandhi after being under British rule since the early 18th century. Today this colonial power is still reflected throughout the country, such as in New Delhi where much of the city’s architecture was actually built to be a symbol of British power.

TEFL courses in India are primarily located in the bigger cities of New Delhi, Bangalore, and Mumbai. Courses in smaller, rural areas are more difficult to find, but those eager to become teach English abroad will have more than enough luck finding accredited TEFL certification programs in larger cities.

New Delhi, the nation’s capital, sits in northern India and is home to the executive, legislative, and judiciary branches of the government. New Delhi is one of the most economically well-off cities in India, and a majority of the population practices Hinduism. Teaching jobs in New Delhi along with opportunities to become an English tutor are plentiful, hence TEFL courses in New Delhi will get you settled in a great city for your future career.

Bangalore is the third-largest city in India and is located in the south. It is known as the Silicon Valley of India, due to its large role in the information technology industry. Bangalore is also home to several technological giants and many research and educational institutions, which means, once TEFL certified, international teachers will have no problem finding teaching jobs in Bangalore.

Mumbai, also known as Bombay, is the most populous city in India. Located on the western coast of India, Mumbai is the nation’s wealthiest city and a major seaport. It is also known as the financial and entertainment capital of the country, housing many important financial institutions and the Hindi-language film industry, Bollywood. Mumbai has a high standard of living making it an attractive city for migrant workers and foreign English teachers alike.

TEFL Courses in India

Paid English teaching jobs in India are highly competitive so instructors need to be well qualified. Earning an internationally recognized TEFL certificate is required if you plan to get paid while teaching abroad. TEFL is a fast-growing field in international education, and getting certified in India not only boosts your resume, but also provides true immersion into Indian culture.

Students do not need any previous teaching experience or foreign language experience to take classes. TEFL courses in India vary, but most can be taken in one month or over the course of three months. International participants can choose to take courses partially online, as well as in person in the classroom. TEFL courses in India are generally taught by university-level professors and lesson plans include: teaching methodology, classroom management skills, how to teach English grammar, class preparation, and more. This will help international teachers significantly when applying for paid teaching jobs, especially since the level of English language skills in India is high. Additionally, many TEFL programs offer interview preparation and job search guidance upon graduation.

Salary & Affordability

English teachers in India should not expect to earn a huge salary. Many English teaching jobs in India are unpaid or volunteer-based employment. Those who do find paid teaching positions will earn less than $1,000 per month on average.

Fortunately, the cost of living in India is very low, and TEFL students shouldn’t find it too difficult to sustain themselves on a minimal daily budget. For example, a combo meal in a fast food restaurant costs around $3, while grocery items, such as milk, bread, and eggs, are all priced under $1. A one-bedroom apartment in the city can even cost under $200 per month.

Rural areas are significantly cheaper than cities, so individuals trying to decide where to complete their TEFL certification in India may want to consider the price difference in daily spending needs.

Accommodation & Visas

Before a foreigner can obtain an employment visa to teach in India, he or she must have a tourist or student visa for six months, which works out perfectly for individuals who earn their TEFL certification in India, since they will need some time to complete coursework in-country. Visas typically require two passport-sized photos, a letter from your employer or TEFL program, and a resume, and cost around $200.

For many teaching positions in India, the employer will cover the teacher’s work visa. However, those applying for work visas in India need to be highly skilled, and applicants may be denied if there is a qualified Indian capable of performing the job duties, yet another reason TEFL certification in India is essential to teaching in India in the future.

When it comes to accommodations, homestays (staying with local families) are popular for students earning their TEFL certificate in India. Indians are known for their hospitality and a common India saying translates to “the guest is God,” meaning that it is considered a huge honor for Indians to have guests in their homes. Some TEFL program providers in India will also accommodate TEFL students in apartment building equip with more modern amenities.

Benefits & Challenges

Landscape. India is a huge country offering varying landscapes, including several mountain ranges, such as the Himalayas, and beautiful beaches, such as famous Baga Beach. TEFL students will find plenty to keep them busy between TEFL courses or practice lessons.

Yoga Certification. As an added benefit to getting your TEFL certification in India, you can also become a certified yoga teacher quite easily. Many people travel to India solely to learn yoga and meditation, and no wonder since it is a very spiritual and inspiring place.

Advice for Women. Women need to take extra caution when earning their TEFL certificate in India, as it is a patriarchal society. Foreign governments give a wide array of advice on the matter, and while many recommend that women should not travel alone at night or on public transportation, some recommend that women do not travel alone at all. So female TEFL students should listen closely to travel advice and make wise decisions while studying or teaching in India.

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A Guide To
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