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A Guide to TEFL Courses in New Delhi

Most of the educated population of New Delhi can already speak English because it is the language of public education in the country. However, with such a large urban population of over 20 million people, there are a tremendous amount of young learners and aspiring professionals who continuously fall through the cracks and do not have access to a solid English education. By joining a TEFL program in New Delhi, you will receive the training you need to teach in New Delhi, one of the most unique and culturally stimulating cities in the world.

Courses & Programs

If you plan on getting serious about teaching English abroad, then you will need a TEFL certificate to get you there. TEFL courses in New Delhi will give you all the tools you need to become a successful English language educator, and TEFL certification is also a requirement for most international teaching jobs that provide competitive compensation.

TEFL courses in New Delhi are taught in a variety of formats, but typically each program will give you opportunities for face-to-face interactions, practice teaching sessions, and access to various other resources. Most TEFL programs in New Delhi include 120 hours of classroom time, and therefore tend to last around one month. Courses focus on phonetics, classroom management, teaching strategies, English grammar, and other such aspects of ESL instruction that are important to master teaching english abroad. Other benefits of TEFL certification in New Delhi may even include lifetime assistance in finding TEFL jobs abroad.

Many TEFL programs in New Delhi will set you up with a TEFL job immediately after course completion, and so the TEFL courses act almost like a one month orientation to your new home and surroundings. Of course it is always possible to earn your TEFL certificate in New Delhi and then uproot yourself and get a TEFL job in a different country as well – with your newly earned credential, the world is yours to educate!

Since most of the educated population in New Delhi already speaks fluent English, most of the TEFL jobs in New Delhi will be: working with young children in a language institution, which offers specific language instruction, or teaching English in private companies which offer language lessons to employees. Your TEFL program provider in New Delhi will usually help point you in the right direction to find the most fruitful employment abroad or in India.

Life in New Delhi

Life in New Delhi can be quite chaotic, as you can imagine of a city with so many people. Traffic is often gridlocked, the weather hot and humid, and urban poverty can be very intense for foreign teachers to adjust to. However, if you are bothered by any of these things then you are missing the bigger picture – New Delhi is an enormously fascinating, challenging, and rewarding city to live in and it will open your eyes to a whole different world abroad.

Transportation is cheap and easy to use throughout the city. Rickshaws can pick you up and drive you anywhere you want to go for very affordable rates (although it would be a good idea to start brushing up on your bartering skills now), and Delhi’s new metro system is gaining steam as a reliable and efficient form of transport from corner to corner throughout the city. From the ancient ruins of Tughlakabad in the south to the impressive colonial architecture of Connaught Place in the north, there is certainly no shortage of treasures to be explored all across the city of Delhi.

One thing to note is that living in New Delhi is typically quite a different experience for men and women. India is a very conservative country, compared to much of the Western world, and although the culture is changing rapidly many women often express discomfort when moving about alone in the city. But don’t let this challenge deter you - if you can learn from and adapt to your new cultural surroundings, then you should be able to have a safe and truly enriching experience in New Delhi.

Salary & Costs

Good news – New Delhi is one of the most inexpensive cities in the world to live and work in as an expat. The Indian rupee tends to hover around 50 to $1 US, and meals and rickshaw rides will rarely end up costing you more than a few bucks. Bartering is also a big part of monetary exchange in New Delhi – it becomes more fun the better you get at it.

Your salary once you obtain a TEFL job in New Delhi will vary depending on what type of position you fill, but do not expect to make a king’s ransom teaching abroad in Delhi. If you are working for a private company then you will typically earn more than a language institution or public school, but in either case, it is definitely feasible to save money while teaching in New Delhi because the costs of living are so low. TEFL programs in New Delhi themselves can be a bit pricey, but will easily be paid off when you begin your first TEFL job in New Delhi or abroad.

Accommodation & Visas

Real estate can actually be quite expensive in New Delhi because there is such a large urban population and not enough housing to go around. TEFL program providers in New Delhi will often set students up with short term housing for the duration of their program, which gives them the opportunity to assess options for more permanent housing. While you can find comfortable accommodations in New Delhi, remember that you are in a developing country where certain luxuries are not typically accounted for. Bucket showers, spontaneous blackouts, and shaky Wi-Fi are all to be expected in your new home.

You will also need a visa when you become trained to teach English in Delhi. Your TEFL program provider or future employer will help you organize the required visa documents in most cases. For more information about India’s visa policy toward your home country you can visit GoAbroad’s Embassy Directory.

GoAbroad Insider Tips

Job Assistance. Many TEFL certification programs specifically combine TEFL courses in New Delhi with the opportunity to teach English in India immediately upon TEFL certification.

Exciting Opportunity. Living in New Delhi will be an exciting, jaw dropping, and challenging experience for most incoming teachers abroad. India’s capital city has historically been a center for change, and you will see that India’s rising generation is shifting the city landscape quickly and dramatically. Whether you plan on earning your TEFL certificate in New Delhi and then moving on or whether you plan on staying and teaching in this magnificent city, you will find life in New Delhi to be exhilarating and something entirely new.

Are you up for the adventure? You might be interested in reading our comprehensive guide on earning a TEFL Certification in India.

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TEFL Courses in New Delhi


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