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A Guide to TEFL Courses in England

Participate in TEFL courses in England and learn to teach English in its country of origin! In England, individuals earning their TEFL certification will be surrounded by and immersed in the English language, and also be presented with many opportunities to teach ESL. TEFL courses are very popular in England, giving prospective teachers a long list of program options to choose from. Outside the classroom, training teachers can explore the exciting cosmopolitan city of London or take a trip to the English countryside.


London. As the capital city of England and the largest city in Europe, London offers the most TEFL programs in the country. It’s an excellent location to take TEFL courses in England, because once certified, teachers will also find the greatest amount of job opportunities. In London, teachers will benefit from all of the advantages of living in a big city - a great public transportation system, theatres, museums, cultural events, and beautiful parks and gardens.

Cambridge. Cambridge is a another great spot to earn a TEFL certificate because it’s home to Cambridge University, where the CELTA (Certificate in English Language Teaching to Adults) course originated. CELTA  is one of the most well known and respected English teaching certifications, so taking a course in Cambridge allows students to be in a prominent town known for its reputable English.

Manchester. Located in Northwest England, Manchester has the third largest economy in the United Kingdom and is one the UK’s most visited cities by foreign visitors. It’s size increases certified teachers’ chances of finding a job, and there are a number of TEFL certification programs to choose from in Manchester. 

Courses & Programs

There are a variety of TEFL courses in England to choose from. Program participants can take classes online, in a classroom, or a combination of both. The most common program structure consists of  120 hours of course work over four weeks. There are also options to take less intensive, basic 20 hour courses or more extensive 140 hour courses. Teachers may decide to take an advanced course after receiving their TEFL certification, which helps them to further their knowledge, be better prepared to teach, and focus on specific specializations.

TEFL courses in England are intensive and include hands-on teacher practicing and observation. After TEFL courses, teachers typically must take a certification exam and pass to become officially TEFL certified. To take part in a TEFL course in England, and TESOL programs abroad in general, participants usually must be native English speakers and have a bachelors degree and/or previous teaching experience.

Salary & Costs

TEFL certification courses in England range in cost from $1,300 to $2,600 USD, and the average starting salary for a teacher ranges anywhere from $1,500 to $2,200 USD a month.

The cost of living in England can fluctuate from $700 to $1,400 USD, with bigger cities like London being on the higher end. England has one of the highests costs of living in Europe, and London is especially known for being expensive. ESL teachers who want to save money should avoid living in London and find jobs in smaller towns and cities, where the cost of living will be lower.

Accommodation & Visas

When participating in a TEFL certificate program abroad, program fees usually include accommodation, which often consists of apartments shared with other program participants. Some programs also offer homestays. TEFL programs may offer housing assistance, providing participants with resources to help them find accommodation either while or after becoming TEFL certified. Accommodation for ESL teachers may be available in a room in a private residence, an apartment, or a flat in England.

To participate in a TEFL program in the UK, non EU and Swiss citizens must come on a tourist visa. With a tourist visa, participants can live and work in the UK for up to six months before they are required to leave or to apply for an alternative visa.

To apply for a visa, US citizens can go to a British Embassy or Consulate (find one in your home country through GoAbroad’s Embassy Directory). Applicants should have a valid passport and apply well in advance to ensure sufficient time to receive their visa.

GoAbroad Insider Tips

Unfortunately, the job market for US citizens in England isn’t very promising. Schools are more likely to hire teachers from the UK because they don’t require a visa to work in England. Additionally, British teachers are in higher demand because schools want teachers to have an extensive knowledge and background of British English as opposed to American English. American teachers who do manage to get a job in England, however, will learn that English teachers are in high demand as many foreigners travel to England to improve and practice the language.

Those who choose to complete TEFL courses in England will realize that it’s a great place to become certified, as it is a native speaking country with plenty of highly trained and qualified instructors.

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A Guide To
TEFL Courses in England


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Eurolingua Institute

Individuals from all over the world can engage in a four week long program in England with Eurolingua Institute. The TEFL and TESOL course takes place in the city of York. The program includes methods of teaching, lesson preparation, and teaching practice.


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