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LanguageCorps – Teach English Abroad

Teach English in schools throughout China by obtaining a TEFL Certification with LanguageCorps. The four-week intensive course includes 90 hours of classroom-based academic input and up to 30 hours of practical teaching experience. Participants must have native or near-native fluency in English. No prior teaching experience is required but some programs may require a Bachelor's degree.


International TEFL Institute China

The International TEFL Institute open the doors to your future. Participants can enroll in a variety of Online TEFL courses. Gain confidence and greater understanding of the teaching methodology and techniques. The programs aim to enhance the teaching skills of aspiring English instructors travel abroad, and teach English to developed and developing countries. All Accredited Online Courses i...


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WorldTeach China Global Leadership Year

The WorldTeach China Global Leadership Year program focuses on the intersection of globalization and learning in the 21st century. China Global Leadership Year volunteers will live in and experience a country that makes up 20 percent of the world's population and is on the brink of becoming the world's largest economy. Serving as full-time teachers in local schools in Hunan Province, prog...


Paid Teaching Placement

If you are an enthusiastic and passionate final year student or graduate ready to do something different, then Teach English In China has the answer! A graduate job like no other, our Paid Teaching Programme gives you the opportunity to gain valuable skills, experience a new culture and discover a country like no other... whilst getting paid! Working 15-25 hours per week, you will get the...


Amazing Opportunities for EFL Teachers in China

Are you keen to live and work in a country with one of the oldest cultures on earth, to experience a different way of life, and make a positive contribution? Teaching in China has it all! We are currently recruiting English Language Teachers on behalf of language schools across China. Employers from the following areas offer professional development, along with an attractive salary and benef...


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Diploma in TESOL, UK Level 7 - a valuable teaching award

Who says that getting a diploma to become qualified to teach English only happens within the four walls of a classroom? It doesn’t have to be when you train with THE TESOL COLLEGE. Enroll in the Diploma in TESOL, a valuable award given by the London Teacher Training College. You will acquire the skills and knowledge needed to teach English anywhere around the world you wish to work. It is r...


Global Language Training

Gain TEFL Certification with six months of rigorous workshops through this opportunity developed by Global Language Training in China. Aspiring international teachers have the chance to teach English in a Chinese educational institution while learning Mandarin and exploring the vibrant Chinese culture. Participation is available for American, European, Canadian, Australian, South African, and K...


Gold Star TEFL Recruitment

Earn an internationally recognized TEFL certificate in China through Gold Star TEFL. Placements are available in Beijing, Chengdu, Hangzhou, and many more locations. Participants have the opportunity to explore a new country while expanding future job options and making a difference in the lives of their students.


Guaranteed Job Placement and TEFL course in China

Enroll in a TEFL Course in Shanghai, China. This is a 4-week, 120-hour program accredited by ACCREDITAT and Fort Hays State University (FHSU). Our experienced team has collaborated with a number of seasoned ESL and TEFL trainers to create a unique curriculum. This TEFL course focuses heavily on applicable teaching skills rather than pedantic theory to build confidence needed to be an effec...


Guaranteed Job Placement in China

Get a four-week TEFL course in Shanghai, China. Program participants experience a great mix of globalization and tradition at every street, in the city’s stunning skyline, and at former foreign concessions. A renowned international metropolis, Shanghai is increasingly drawing attention worldwide. A flourishing city, Shanghai will greet you with its futuristic skyscrapers, colors, people, and in...