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A Guide to TEFL Courses in Melbourne

Settled pristinely on Australia’s southern coastline, Melbourne has perennially ranked as the most livable city in the world because of its high quality of life, scenic beauty, and cultural richness. Australia’s second-largest city can offer a fun, friendly, and outgoing environment where to begin your journey into international education while learning the ropes of teaching English as a second language. Are you ready to begin a great adventure around the globe with a TEFL course in Melbourne?

TEFL Courses in Melbourne

TEFL courses in Melbourne will require at least 120 hours of classroom training for completion, which typically equates to a one-month program in the city. Many TEFL programs in Melbourne will also offer the opportunity to engage in live practice teaching in front of a classroom, and some will use a hybrid online-live classroom course structure as well. There are a diversity of programs out there which offer different perks and structure such in these realms, so be sure to look into several options to compare.

Throughout the duration of your TEFL course in Melbourne you will learn the fundamentals of teaching English as a second language abroad – such as grammar, speech, listening, reading, and writing – as well as more advanced concepts such as teaching methodology and classroom management. Through the training you will develop into an effective ESL classroom teacher, even if you do not speak the same first language as your pupils.

Because Australia is an English-speaking nation, most international educators choose to move on to look for work elsewhere after they graduate from their TEFL course in Melbourne. Many TEFL programs offer lifetime job-placement assistance as part of their course package, so this is another thing to take into account while you search for the right program!

Life in Melbourne

With a population of just over 4.5 million people, Melbourne is Australia’s second largest city, after Sydney. Known widely as one of the most important economic centers in the Asia-Pacific region and also as Australia’s cultural capital, you will feel the excitement firsthand of residing in the world’s most livable city while you partake in a TEFL course in Melbourne.

Some of the most popular cultural attractions that you might be interested in visiting while you take your TEFL course in Melbourne include the National Gallery of Victoria, Melbourne Cricket Ground, and Royal Exhibition Building. There are also a ton of concert venues, theaters, bars, and other such venues of entertainment to tap into during your free time. Melbourne is highly regarded for its rich literary history and street art, as well.

Whenever you tire of the city itself, you are also never too far away from the mountains or the beach. Outdoor enthusiasts can easily escape the city for a weekend getaway to the Dandenong Ranges to the east or the sprawling beaches surrounding Port Phillip Bay. It’s not a bad idea to schedule some free time before or after your TEFL course in Melbourne to travel the rest of Australia, too!

Costs & Affordability

TEFL Courses in Melbourne vary in price of tuition, but will most often cost you between $1,000 and $2,000 for a one-month, in-classroom training. You should also incorporate everyday costs such as housing, meals, and transportation into this number; Melbourne is quite an expensive city to live abroad in, so it’s not a bad idea to plan out a careful budget ahead of time.

The good news is that once you graduate with a TEFL certificate, you will be eligible to begin working for pay in teaching positions all over the world. Depending on where you go, you can make back your initial investment for the TEFL program in Melbourne in no time!

Accommodation & Visas

Some TEFL programs will offer to help you secure local housing for the one-month duration of the training, either in a homestay or living with other international educators in a dormitory or apartment. If you are expected to find your own housing, then looking online for a sublet before you depart is typically the best way to go (be sure to take into account factors such as accessibility and proximity to your TEFL school during the search).

You will also need to apply for a visa before travelling to Australia for your TEFL course in Melbourne. This is a process your host program can help guide you through, but generally you will be able to apply online for a standard visitor visa if you only intend on staying for the one-month duration of the training. For more information regarding Australia’s visa policies toward your home nation, be sure to check out our Embassy Directory.

Benefits & Challenges

Cultural Capital. Australia is home to some of the most creative artists and entrepreneurs in the world, and Melbourne is a key hub of that innovative spirit. As an aspiring educator, it is an immensely enriching environment to enter into.

Adventurous Spirit. The Aussies are some of the most well-travelled and outgoing people in the world, and while enrolled in a TEFL course in Melbourne you will have the opportunity for plenty of adventures of your own. Get ready an exciting journey!

Flexible Options. Many TEFL programs in Melbourne will offer lifetime job-placement assistance all over the world, meaning that after your training you can bounce around the entire globe teaching English. Why not start in the world’s most livable city?

Enrolling in a TEFL course in Melbourne is the opportunity to begin your international education on the right foot in one of our planet’s greatest cities. Are you ready to get started?

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A Guide To
TEFL Courses in Melbourne


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