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A Guide to TEFL Courses in Brisbane

TEFL doesn’t stand for Ticket Everywhere For Life, but it might as well. A certification in ESL teaching is almost as good as your passport when it comes to exploring the world. Tempted to get yourself one of these travel passes? Check out the TEFL courses in Brisbane. There couldn’t be a better launch pad for international adventure than one of Australia’s cultural capitals. Brisbane brings together the best of Australia with the best of the world’s cultures in an international, cosmopolitan ambiance that suits TESOL students better than sausies on a barbie.

TEFL Programs in Brisbane

TEFL? TESOL? TESL? CELTA? What does it all mean?! It can seem like you need a degree just to understand all of the different acronyms, programs, and courses available. The most important thing you need to know though, is that whatever ESL teaching certification you choose, it will be valid for life and enable you to teach worldwide, either in an exotic locale or in your home country.

You have two options when it comes to studying TEFL. One possibility is to participate in an online course, and obtain your certificate from the comfort of your own home. Alternatively, you can attend teacher-led classes, engage in practical exercises, and gain actual experience standing in front of a class, which is useful if you aren’t fully comfortable with speaking in front of groups. Opting to attend a classroom-based TESOL course has the added benefit of studying in a social setting (oh hey awesome new friends!) and offering the opportunity to discover a new city (oh hey Brisbane!). Select TEFL courses in Brisbane will offer a combination so you can take advantage of the best of both learning methods. They might have slightly different names, but all TESOL qualifications will essentially qualify you to do the same thing. Choosing the right program for you is largely dependent on your availability, program costs, and where you are aiming to teach. In fact, finding TEFL jobs in Brisbane is an easy next step once you’re officially certified.

TEFL courses usually last about one-three months, depending on intensity. Once you have an official TESOL certification, you are qualified to teach anywhere in the world. A TEFL program is a one-off investment. You won’t need to repeat the course because once you’ve launched yourself into the classroom, all the practical experience you gain will keep you on your toes, and the only direction your career will go is up. So look at it like this; as little as eight weeks of study can set you up for a lifetime in an exciting, ever-changing career with worldwide job opportunities.

Life in Brisbane

One of the world’s most liveable (and loveable) cities, Brisbane is a kaleidoscope of cultures, arts, and entertainment. It is a city that can’t sit still, so there is never any shortage of things for TESOL students to do.

Vibrant, sunny, and orderly all at the same time, Brisbane is all in the details. It is the smell of freshly roasted coffee, spray-painted murals, and port breezes. It is the taste of global cuisine in world-class restaurants, and flat whites with brunch in the sunshine. It is both fancy bars on main street and dingy bars down sweeping laneways, with sticky floors and indie bands thrashing their instruments onstage. It is a beautiful skyline and the occasional trek to pet a koala. Enrolling in TEFL courses in Brisbane for a few weeks is a great way to get under the skin of the city and immerse yourself in these sensory delights.

Brisbane’s urban tapestry is made up of a patchwork of uber cool neighborhoods. From funky Fortitude Valley, where you will find plenty of other students, to historic Milton & Rosalie (keep your eyes peeled for the Eiffel Tower!), to the cake shops and delis of West End, the eclectic and multicultural nature of Brisbane will have you chomping at the bit to get out and explore more of the world.

Accommodation & Visas

So you’ve got your head around all the acronyms, now you need to figure out where to stay and how to do TEFL courses in Australia legally. Your program provider is the best first stop for information and both accommodation and visas, but luckily both are fairly straightforward, so you won’t encounter many problems.

You will probably find housing either in international student housing, in a flatshare, or in a hostel. Whichever option you go for, you will be surrounded by young, fun people who are the embodiment of Brisbane’s super hip side. For shorter-term TEFL courses in Brisbane, if you would prefer privacy and have the budget for it, you can also opt to stay in a hotel.

Australia is pretty strict when it comes to visas. You will need to obtain a visa in order to enter the country, and you should put some time into differentiating the options available. A basic tourist visa will give you enough time to complete most TEFL courses in Brisbane. If you are interested in working in Australia however, investigate the Work and Study visa, which allow students to complete their courses and look for work straight away. On this visa you can also pick up some part time work to help cover the cost of living in Brisbane: between housing, food, the coffee habit you will develop and all of the great things you want to do, Brisbane isn’t a cheap city. There are also working Holiday Visa and Temporary Work (Skilled) visas available if you are thinking of sticking around for a bit longer.

To find out more about eligibility and costs for visas in Australia, check out the GoAbroad Embassy Directory.

Benefits & Challenges

Australia has a strong job market and high wages, making it a great place to work. Although you may think it redundant to look for an English teaching position in an anglophone country, the high number of immigrants and Southeast Asian students seeking English lessons means there are plenty of TEFL jobs in Brisbane to go around. One of the major benefits to studying TEFL in Brisbane is that if you want to stick around after your course, you will have good job prospects. Native English teachers are in demand worldwide, and having a qualification will give you the edge on your competitors for the best jobs.

Gaining a TEFL certification means upskilling and putting some serious shine on your resume. In a TEFL course, you will learn the ins and outs of lesson planning, classroom management, and strong people skills. These skills are directly applicable to teaching English, but they can also be applied to a wide range of jobs. Planning and organization for example, can be put to use in almost anything you do. Studying TEFL isn’t just for your year abroad: it will be useful in all aspects of your professional life.

As a modern, global city, adapting to life in Brisbane is relatively straightforward. You might feel like an English student yourself as you try to get the hang of Aussie slang, but other than that everything should be sweet as.

Traveling is all about teaching and learning. Take it to the next level, open even more doors, and learn how to teach English. Your TEFL certification will be your ticket to adventure and jobs all around the world.

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