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A Guide to TEFL Courses in Oceania

If you’re looking to begin your international education on a high note, then enrolling in a TEFL program in Oceania is a fail-safe route. Encompassing the Australian continent and a spread of surrounding islands in the South Pacific, Oceania is a region ripe with scenic beauty and cultural integrity. An energetic spirit pervades this group of island nations, which will instill in you a sense of adventure and encourage you to become the best international educator you can.


Oceania has no internationally defined boundaries, though the region is generally thought of as including the roughly 14 island nations south of Indonesia in the tropical Pacific Ocean. This area occupies over 3 million square miles, most of which is open sea, as well as thousands of smaller islands and islets.

Australia, which as a continent of its own is by far the largest country in the region, is usually the first choice of many for where to enroll in a TEFL program in Oceania. Australia is an English-speaking nation where many citizens choose to take a gap year for global travel, so TEFL courses are in wide abundance across the country. Neighboring New Zealand, an anglophile nation with many shared cultural characteristics to Australia, is another very popular place to enroll in a TEFL course in Oceania.

Other smaller countries where you might look into joining a TEFL program in Oceania include Fiji, Micronesia, and Guam. English is widely spoken throughout these countries, though there are also many indigenous languages which are active as well, so international educators can enjoy a large TEFL market. All in all there are some 29 different languages spoken throughout the region, so you shouldn’t hesitate to stay on and look for English teaching positions after your TEFL course in Oceania is complete!

Programs & Courses

TEFL courses in Oceania require at least 120 hours of classroom time to complete, which usually equates to a one-month training period. During this time you will be educated in the basics of teaching English as a second language; lessons will range from fundamental topics such as reading, writing, and speech, to more advanced strategies such as classroom management, lesson planning, and teaching methodology.

Many TEFL programs will offer additional perks on top of your core education, such as live practice teaching in front of a classroom and lifetime job-placement assistance around the world after your course is complete. These can be huge benefits moving forward as an international educator into your first official teaching position, so look into many different TEFL courses in Oceania to make sure that you’re getting the best deal you can.

After completing your TEFL program in Oceania you will become officially credited as an ESL teacher and have the opportunity to move on and look for work anywhere else in the world. English is commonly spoken throughout Oceania, so the market isn’t particularly strong in the region; however there are still sizeable indigenous and migrant populations who don’t speak the language, so it can’t hurt to look!

Costs & Affordability

TEFL courses in Oceania will range in cost, with most landing between $1,500 and $2,000 for tuition. Online courses are significantly less expensive than in-classroom programs, though most students will stand behind live training as well worth the investment. After you obtain your certification, you can move on to paid teaching positions anywhere in the world, and make the money back in no time!

General costs of living also vary widely across Oceania. Australia is the most expensive country in the region, while the smaller and less-developed island nations are much more affordable. Be sure to take all these living costs into account while you plan for your TEFL program in Oceania.

Accommodation & Visas

Many one-month TEFL programs in Oceania will help international participants secure accommodations in the area where their training takes place. Individual apartments, group housing, and homestays are all examples of options you may be able to choose from during your stay. As different countries throughout Oceania have different levels of infrastructural development, this may also affect the type of housing you are offered.

Visa policies for international educators will also vary throughout the region. Some nations will not require you to apply for a visa if you intend to stay only for the one-month duration of your TEFL course in Oceania, while others will require that you obtain a visa prior to entry. For more information on the specifics of each country’s visa policy, check out our Embassy Directory.

Benefits & Challenges

Island Life. With the exception of Australia which is technically its own continent, Oceania is a region of island countries. Enjoying this laid-back lifestyle in the background of taking TEFL courses every day with peers will make for one great month abroad.

Flexibility. Enrolling in a TEFL course in Oceania will allow you to immerse yourself in this fun and fascinating region of the world for at least one month, after which you can make the decision to stay or go. With a TEFL certification in hand, the world is truly your oyster!

Adventure. With so much open land and open ocean, an adventurous spirit runs across Oceania which is rivaled by few other regions of the world. Travel is a big part of the culture, especially in Australia, making for a great environment to begin your own global journey.

Enrolling in a TEFL course in Oceania will give you the opportunity to explore a beautiful and wild region of our planet, while putting in the time to become certified for a life of adventure beyond as an international educator. Let the journey commence.

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TEFL Courses in Oceania


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