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Earn an internationally accredited TEFL Certification & receive lifetime job placement assistance for employment teaching English in Thailand and around the world. ITA offers accredited TEFL courses online and in Thailand and 25 locations worldwide. We certify more than 2,500 people a year to teach English abroad and our graduates are teaching in 75 countries worldwide.


Be the best paid TEFL intern in Thailand! You won't find a program offering better benefits for a 4 month (single semester) commitment. It's only one of the many reasons to get excited about teaching English in Thailand! With two start dates per year in May and November you'll have plenty of choice, plus - with contract extensions and pay rises the longer you stay, this is a fantastic opport...


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Want to travel around the world and earn a living at minimal cost? Start from Thailand! Asian College of Teachers offers the Special Thai Project, an education tourism project. The institute has been conducting the project since 2008 and has placed more than 1,000 students to date in different schools in Thailand. Aspiring English teachers can earn their TESOL certification in Thailand and g...


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Now hiring for May and October start dates! Inquire with us today to secure your spot. If you're unable to commit to a full semester, then our July and August intakes are just for you. We'll explain why when we speak. Teaching in Thailand is our most popular program by far and it’s not hard to see why! Thailand is one of the friendliest countries on earth and a place where teachers are tr...


The English For Fun Company Ltd. (EFF), Camp Thailand (CT) "ThaiJobs Special Project" allows you to join in on all the fun and action that Thailand has to offer while getting paid as a travelling English teacher. You may choose to be placed in one of Thailand’s private or public schools or you can apply to one of its many private language centers and even at one of the Camp Thailand centers th...


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Come and join our team at Srithammarat Suksa School! We have positions open for 2 Kindergarten/Preschool Teachers and 1 High school Science Teacher. We might need a primary Science or English teacher (TBA soon) as well. Responsibilities vary greatly, depending on the level you are teaching. As a Science teacher for grades 8 and 9 students, you will create engaging weekly lesson plans. You n...


Are you a friendly and lively teacher with an affinity for teaching children? Whether you have certification or not, we want you as long as you are a native English speaker with good command of the language. Land a job in Thailand through our help at ESL in Asia. We aim to assist aspiring teachers and schools in their individual journey to find a wonderful job or qualified candidates. We off...


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Travel to and experience Thailand while earning money! This is possible by teaching conversational English to kindergarten, primary, secondary, or high school students in Bangkok and other locations throughout the country. We are seeking native English teachers for multiple positions in training centers and schools. The maximum teaching hours per week is 24 and the average is 20. We do no...

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Teaching Abroad in Surat Thani

The largest province in southern Thailand, Surat Thani was once a capital of the tenth century Indonesian Srivijayan Empire, and it now covers one of most visited islands and national park areas in the entire country. A progressive city with a laid back atmosphere, Surat Thani continues to attract international teachers as it becomes an increasingly beneficial city to start a career teaching abroad. English teaching jobs in Surat Thani are becoming especially sought after, as the city gains notoriety.

Teaching Jobs in Surat Thani

Surat Thani is the gateway to Southern Thailand and serves as a commercial and transportation hub. The name Surat Thani literally means “City of Good People”, making it an even more attractive place to teach abroad in Thailand.

Most teaching jobs in Surat Thani are offered at either public, private, or international schools. Outside of traditional education settings, there are also many language schools in Surat Thani that seek out international teachers to instruct both individual or group language lessons for a variety of students. Private language lessons are also a great way for teachers to make a secondary income while teaching in Surat Thani.

The majority of teaching jobs in Surat Thani are centered on English language instruction, however there are occasionally opportunities to teach other subjects. Most schools in Thailand use Thai as the official language of instruction, which means that it will be beneficial for all foreign teachers, even those who obtain English teaching jobs in Surat Thani, to take basic Thai language lessons. Learning basic phrases and keywords will not only help teachers better manage their own classrooms and promote learning among their students, Thai language skills will also be very useful in day to day interactions.

Those who hold teaching certifications, like TEFL or TESOL certificates, will likely be eligible for a larger number of English teaching jobs in Surat Thani. However, even teachers with a moderate amount of teaching experience should be able to obtain teaching jobs in Surat Thani without too much difficulty.

Life in Surat Thani

Surat Thani is known as “The Province of a Thousand Islands”, so teachers can look forward to many quick weekend or holiday trips to some of the most visited islands in the whole country. Additionally, the whole region is rich in national parks filled with beautiful hiking opportunities, so teachers will truly have the best of both worlds. Teachers will also find that there is no shortage of cultural sites to see and events to attend in Surat Thani. All schools in Thailand are required to observe national holidays, so international teachers will typically have the opportunity to enjoy annual festivals and occasions that are celebrated nationwide as well as take time to explore the natural beauty of the region.

As a major hub of southern Thailand, it is easy to set off to nearby provinces from Surat Thani. The city has an international airport as well as numerous trains, buses, and ferries available nearly around the clock for travel to nearby islands, cities, and countries. Transportation within the city is also efficient, with tuktuks and motorcycles readily available on almost any street.

Life in Surat Thani is much slower than in the capital city of Bangkok. The welcoming downtown area and bustling night market will prove to maintain a countryside vibe anytime of the year. Days are hotter, cuisines are spicier, and locals are friendlier in Surat Thani. International teachers who want to maintain a slower pace of life, with easy access to outdoor escapades, may find that teaching jobs in Surat Thani are a perfect option.

Salary & Costs

The cost of living in Surat Thani is much cheaper than in Bangkok and other major cities in Thailand. Although salaries are slightly smaller as well, the lower prices of commodities, apartments, and general living expenses will keep almost any teacher’s finances balanced.

Depending on which type of school you plan to work at and your background and experience, salaries for teaching jobs in Surat Thani can range from 20,000 to 30,000 Baht. Most teachers will also receive additional bonuses or benefits along with their monthly salary, such as all expenses paid housing arrangements. Since accommodations are usually provided, day to day living costs will be truly minimal. Teachers can be real cheapskates by only visiting local markets, where a filling meal will easily cost under 40 baht, and smaller shops for all their daily needs.

Accommodation & Visas

Foreign teachers will typically be provided with accommodation and other benefits as part of their compensation package. Whether housing is provided within the school’s complex or in a shared apartment with other international teachers, most schools will at the very least provide international teachers with assistance in finding a place to live for the duration of their teaching job in Surat Thani.

Once hired, international teachers will usually be provided with the appropriate documents needed to obtain any necessary working permits and apply for a visa from their host school or program provider. Visas and working permits for international teachers are typically valid for one year, but this can be dependent on the host school and the type of teaching job. All visa expenses and documents are usually provided by each host school, making the application process even easier.

Benefits & Challenges

Requirements. Teachers without TESOL, TEFL, or any other type of ESL teaching certificate may find it more difficult to find teaching jobs in Surat Thani. However, it is possible to earn a TEFL certification in country and then find a teaching job in Surat Thani afterwards. On the other hand, some institutions will accept more basic training and skills, especially if teachers have a great deal of teaching experience.

Language. Teaching in Thailand can sometimes be a challenge for those with absolutely no Thai language skills, especially those who wish to teach subjects outside of the English language. Despite the challenges teachers will face in communicating with their students, if they are ready for a challenge and eager to learn the Thai language, then diving in head first may be a great opportunity for intense immersion.

Culture. The Thai people are known for being extremely friendly, hospitable, and helpful to foreigners, so teachers can expect to feel welcomed, especially in the smaller city of Surat Thani. Teachers should be sure to read up on cultural norms and expectations of teacher-student relationships before departure though, to avoid offending anyone in their first few weeks on the job.

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