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Get TEFL Certified & Make Money Teaching English in Malta

Do you want to get paid to teach English abroad & travel the world? International TEFL Academy offers accredited TEFL courses online & in 25 locations globally. We certify 5,000 teachers a year and our alumni get paid teaching jobs in 80 countries. Alumni receive lifetime job guidance, including one-on-one guidance from expert advisors & access to exclusive worldwide alumni networks.


Anglo-TEFL Scholarship - Malta

Getting a tan in the middle of the Mediterranean while gaining up to 200 hours of observed teaching experience sounds like the best way to complete your TEFL training, right? Hotel accommodation and 3 meals per day are included so you can really enjoy your time in the island paradise south of Italy. During your exotic stay, take a dip in the breathtaking Blue Lagoon, indulge in the worl...


ESL Teacher vacancies in Malta!

Angloville offers English teaching opportunities in Valletta. You will work for Tutlo, an online language application. They are currently seeking ESL teachers to join their team. As an online English Teacher, you will lead 20-minute video lessons to students from all around the world. This is the perfect opportunity to work part time and earn income while still in the middle of your univers...