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A Guide to Teaching Abroad in Jordan

Individuals can explore a beautiful country and culture through teaching jobs in Jordan. Teaching abroad in Jordan is an excellent opportunity to explore the Middle East, since the nation is in close proximity to many other nations in the region. Although Jordan is not a large geographically, the population of 6.5 million people gives the country a unique flavor from its neighbors. Although it is important to have some Arabic language knowledge, such as reading numbers and signs, many Jordanians speak some English and are more than willing to help visitors. However, because of the lack of local English language skills, it is easy to find opportunities to teach English in Jordan.


The capital city of Jordan, Amman, has much to offer in both teaching jobs and a social life once the work day is complete. The government has recently taken a stance aimed at reforming the education system, in order to prevent poverty and enhance the economy and general quality of life. As a result of this educational reform, opportunities to teach in Amman are on the rise. Teachers interested in teaching subjects such as math, chemistry, English, and music teachers are all in high demand in Amman. In addition to having knowledge of any of the latter subjects, being a foreign teacher will also help your chances of getting a teaching job in Amman, as the education reform is aimed at teaching cultural awareness and understanding too.

Experience a city like no other by teaching abroad in Petra. Known as the “Rose City” because of the red rock in which it is carved into, this archeological attraction of a city draws visitors from all over the world. As a UNESCO world heritage site, since 1985, Petra has no shortage of sites to see. These ancient sites can be worked into your lesson plan, making the educational experience for both you and your students that much richer.

Zarqa is the second largest city in Jordan, and is slowly growing into an industrial city. Zarqa is home to the only oil refinery plant in Jordan, and it also happens to offer an affordable cost of living.

Teaching Jobs in Jordan

English Tutoring. Teaching English in Jordan is not going to consist of your typical classroom setting lecture. Instead, you will most likely be serving as a tutor to an individual or to a whole family within their home. The highest demand for individuals to teach English in Jordan resides in these settings. These English teaching jobs in Jordan also provide an excellent chance to get to know the local customs, while at the same time sharing your passion for teaching.

Teaching Other Subjects. Other popular teaching jobs in Jordan include math, chemistry, music, and preschool. These types of positions are typically offered in academic institutions, as opposed to less formal learning environments.

Types of Schools. Jordan is home to a number of international schools that typically implement a Westernized curriculum. International schools in Jordan offer both primary and secondary schooling. Teaching at an international primary school may consist of teaching a well-rounded curriculum, including music, art, science, and English, whereas secondary schools usually call for teachers who can instruct a particular field of study. 

Most courses are taught in English at schools throughout Jordan, although some knowledge of Arabic can be very helpful, especially when teaching those who know only minimal English. Teaching experience is typically not expected, but some programs do require at least two years of teaching experience, and a TEFL certificate may be required for some English teaching jobs in Jordan.

Salary & Affordability

You will most likely be given an annual salary if you are hired for a full-time teaching job in Jordan and an hourly wage for part-time jobs. Salaries can pay up to $21,000 per year, but are typically less. If the teaching job in Jordan you obtain is paid, it will most likely provide a very liveable wage. It’s important to clarify your salary with your teaching placement provider or employer before signing on, as some placements and teaching jobs in Jordan will be strictly volunteer based. Since most teaching jobs in Jordan are offered through international schools, you will likely be paid a substantial salary.

The cost of living in Jordan is fairly affordable. An average meal at an inexpensive restaurant is about $5, and it is possible to live on $500 or less per month within the city and even less outside of the city. Altogether, Jordan is a relatively poor country, but has slowly been growing economically for the past 10 years.

Accommodation & Visas

Living arrangements are typically left to the individual when acting as a tutor in Jordan, unless you are tutoring a host family. Teachers who select jobs at academic institutions will most likely be provided with living arrangements, which may or may not include meals as well. Living accommodations can range drastically depending on where you teach in Jordan. More rural locations may not have electricity, while living arrangements in Amman will most likely have all of the privacy and amenities you would find in your own country.

A visa is required for visitors to enter Jordan, and can be obtained for about $55. These basic visas allow visitors to stay up to 30 days. Anyone wishing to stay longer than 30 days, or fulfill a long-term teaching job in Jordan, must register at a Jordanian police station prior to the expiration of the 30 day visa and submit additional documents (check with your employer or placement provider for specific details and requirements).

GoAbroad Insider Tips

Jordan is a unique, culturally different place - breaking this cultural barrier can prove to be very fulfilling for individuals accustomed to the Western way of life.

Friendly, Warm, and Welcoming - Jordanians are very welcoming and curious to outside visitors, which will make your stay both comfortable and enjoyable.

Language shouldn’t be a major issue - Jordanians are eager to practice and develop their English language skills with natural speakers. These opportunities will allow you to deeply connect with locals, and will make any job teaching English in Jordan easy, enjoyable, and fulfilling.

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