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A Guide to Teaching Abroad in India

When you teach for India, your life will be like no other here: a magical place where rajahs once roamed in palaces made of marble, where early philosophies and religions were born, and where impenetrable cultural deutero truths were developed over thousands of years. India is color, texture, fabrics, and fragrances. A place of intense dichotomy, but it’s also a place of great unity, where millions of people live together in some of the largest megacities on earth — the country has so many incredible and captivating facets.

Where to Teach Abroad in India

Situated in southwest Asia, the landmass properly known as the Republic of India is surrounded by the Arabian Sea and Bay of Bengal. With a population of well over one billion, India is second to China as the most populated country in world. Here are the best places to teaching abroad in India. 

Goa. This little state in western India on the Arabian sea packs a lot of flavor with its golden-sand beaches, coconut groves, dense forests, Portuguese touches, and tasty treats. Being one of the top tourist destinations in India and the 6th in top 10 nightlife cities in the world, you can bet that your time teaching here will be an unforgettable experience. Ogle at the Portuguese colonial architecture, meditate your heart out, and savor a bhali-pau (bread roll dipped in curry). 

Mumbai. Formerly Bombay, this financial, commercial, and entertainment hub lies in western India. This energetic metropolis is the most populous in India and offers the majority of teaching programs in India, ranging from test prep trainers to volunteers to fashion lecturers. You’ll find a juxtaposition here of slums and expensive homes, hard-working laborers and millionaires, skyscrapers and a tropical forest. As the birthplace of Indian cinema, film lovers will rejoice with the numerous cinema halls and film festivals. 

New Delhi. The capital of India is situated in the northern area and pulses with find colonial-era parliament buildings, skyscraping offices, and glitzy malls woven into its scenery. Be sure to visit one of its numerous art or history or science museums, Jantar Mantar observatory, landscaped Buddha Jayanti Park, and the India Gate. While you can find opportunities to teach English in India here, you can also find positions to teach math, science, arts, humanities, and a foreign language.

Teaching Salaries in India

As English is the second-most spoken language in India, you won’t find many paid English teaching positions here, and you shouldn’t expect to earn much or save much. For paid positions, you can expect to earn somewhere between $150 to $1000 a month, but the competition is fierce for higher-paying jobs. Fortunately, the cost of living in India is relatively low, and you should be able to cover basic living expenses with salaries for teaching in India. With some programs, they’ll offer a small stipend or even offer Hindi lessons as well.

Accommodations in India

For most volunteer programs to teach English in India, they’ll provide accommodation as part of the “payment,” which in most cases, involves shared housing with other teachers or a host family. A homestay placement is one of the best opportunities for immersing yourself in the Indian culture while learning the customs, languages, traditions, and tasting home-made Indian food. For paid placements in more urban areas, you can expect to live in an apartment or flat, either alone or with other participants to share the rent.

Visas in India

Most programs will help you with the process for obtaining a visa to teach in india, but the type of visa you’ll need depends on how long you’ll be staying. If you’re staying for no longer than 30 days, you’ll need an e-travel authorization four days before arriving in India. For those staying longer, you’ll need a tourist visa that is valid for six months. GoAbroad’s Embassy Directory is a helpful resource to get started on the process. 

GoAbroad Insider Tips

Lucky for you, Indian cuisine is known around the world for its diverse and exquisite taste. In fact, chicken tikka masala, a popular and commonly served dish, has been said to be the national dish of Great Britain. 

With some placements to teach for India lasting up to two years, teachers will inevitably experience the changes in weather. Teachers should be informed of the climate where they will be prospectively placed to aid in packing the appropriate clothing. 

As you teach for India, you’ll face challenges along the way, but your time there will make a long-lasting difference.

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