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A Guide to Teaching Abroad in Hungary

Home to Europe’s largest lakes, a famous goulash festival, and even the Rubik’s cube, Hungary boasts a wide selection of distinct attributes. Known for its intelligent and innovative population, Hungary is an exceptional country to pursue teaching jobs abroad. Not to mention, expats often reflect on the sincerity and friendliness of Hungarians positively. Hungary not only has impressive natural scenery and personable locals, it is also known for its impressive architecture, especially in Budapest. Hungary presents a very pleasant place to begin teaching abroad, or continue your teaching career if it has already begun.  


Hungary possesses many great locations for teaching abroad. Whether you prefer a big city, such as Budapest, or a small town in a rural setting, there are many teaching placement opportunities to suit your career goals. Regardless of where you choose to teach in Hungary, you will likely find it easy to develop close relationships with your students no matter what the setting. 

Budapest. It is no surprise that this popular travel destination is also the most common place to teach abroad in Hungary. Known for its beautiful architecture, which ranges from gothic cathedrals to turkish baths to Roman amphitheaters, Budapest is also known for its modern amenities and lively culture. With an affordable cost of living, considering it is such an important capital city, and comfortable urban setting, teaching in Budapest is a great opportunity for nearly any aspiring international teacher. 

Debrecen. With a population much smaller than Budapest, Debrecen is the second largest city in Hungary. Located on the Great Hungarian Plain, Debrecen is a city that offers many future job prospects, but life in Debrecen is also synonymous with an eventful social life. With summer festivals frequenting the streets and an exciting, year-round nightlife, Debrecen is a very lively place to teach abroad in Hungary. 

Rural Areas. For those interested in embracing life outside the nation’s more populous cities, there are many different villages and small towns in the rural areas that offer great opportunities to teach in Hungary too. Teaching jobs in Hungary’s more rural areas will allow teachers to gain a better understanding of the country as a whole, while still having time to explore the bigger cities on weekends.

Teaching Jobs in Hungary

Hungary holds itself to high academic standards, and as a whole Hungarian society values education greatly. With many different opportunities to teach in Hungary at both private and public institutions, expats will surely find a position to suit their interests. While prior experience and a degree in education is often required, this is not necessarily the case for all teaching jobs in Hungary. 

Primary School positions are one of the most popular types of teaching jobs in Hungary. However, experience is mandatory for most of these positions. For those with teaching degrees or work experience, primary schools jobs are a great opportunity to further teaching skills related to working with younger students. Due to the wide array of subjects taught, there are many viable ways to pursue primary school teaching in Hungary. With holistic, individualized instruction provided by most institutions, Hungary is a great country to teach in if you want to expand your teaching knowledge, in terms of strategies, methods, and techniques.

Music. It is also quite popular for international teachers to teach music in Hungary. The Hungarian education system generally puts an emphasis on music education (and other creative outlets) as it is seen as an important addition to education and students’ knowledge. The age of students in music classes will vary significantly, as positions are available in both primary and secondary schools. Music teaching jobs in Hungary are a great way to share your creativity and music skills with local students. At the same time you will be able to learn how other cultures approach music education and integrate it into general education. 

Foreign Languages. Language learning is a very important component of education in Hungary, because of the country’s high academic standards and close proximity to other European countries with varying national languages. With close proximity to Germany, the German language is taught in many institutions across the country, providing a handful of teaching jobs for international teachers. However, English is also highly valued and frequently taught, so opportunities to teach English in Hungary are prevalently available for international teachers.

No matter what age group you are interested in working with and regardless of your language background, there are plenty of opportunities to teach in Hungary for you to choose from. That begin said, although fluency in Hungarian is not required for most teaching jobs in Hungary, some knowledge of the language will help you both in and out of the classroom; not to mention locals will take notice of your attempts to learn their language and appreciate your efforts.

The school year in Hungary typically begins in early September, similar to the United States, and ends in June. Finding temporary teaching jobs in Hungary any time of year is fairly easy though, especially for English speakers seeking out opportunities to teach English in Hungary.

Salary & Costs

Teaching jobs in Hungary are typically accompanied by a salary that suits the local cost of living. While salaries are low compared to the rest of Western Europe, and by North American standards, it is important to remember that Hungary has a much more affordable standard of living. Teachers can expect to earn from 3,000 to 4,000 forints per hour, although even higher wages are normal for teaching jobs at private institutions. Overall Eastern Europe is more affordable than Western Europe, making it an increasingly popular place to teach abroad and develop an international teaching career.

Accommodation & Visas

With an extremely affordable housing market, finding an apartment in an urban setting is easy, and pleasantly cheap. Finding a property in the more rural areas of the country is even more affordable too. While houses are easy to come by outside of the city, apartments and flats remain the most popular type of accommodation chosen by expats. Utilities are often the most unpleasant component living costs in Hungary, so while apartments may be cheap, keep in mind that utilities are not. This is especially true if you plan on living in the city center, as most flats will be much older, causing utilities to be even more expensive. Teachers should plan on seeing apartments or flats before signing any lease, to make sure it is up to parr with their expectations.

Most employers will help foreign teachers obtain the proper work visa to teach in Hungary. Even when working with an immigration agent or your future employer, getting a visa can be time consuming, but at the same time not too difficult. Your passport must be valid for a minimum of three months beyond your departure date from Hungary in order to be eligible for a work visa.

GoAbroad Insider Tips

Striking Scenery. The beauty that exists in Hungary will make the teaching experience even more worth it. From the architecture, in cities like Budapest, to the Bükk Mountains, the scenery in Hungary is known to be exceptional, and it will give you a good reason to get out and explore when you are feeling homesick. 

Experience is Essential. Whether you have a TEFL certification, prior teaching experience, or a bachelor's degree in education, getting a teaching job in Hungary will be competitive. The more experience you have the more likely you are to snag the teaching job you want.

Stringent Schooling. Held to high educational standards, many schools in Hungary are very focused on the classroom. Regardless of the strict setting, it is also common for students and teachers to have a very close personal relationship with one another. 

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A Guide To
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