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A Guide to Teaching Abroad in Egypt

Egypt is an ideal teach abroad destination for teachers who enjoy exploration, travel, and an endless supply of weekend and night-life activities. With grandiose shopping districts, monumental architecture, and beautiful natural scenery, Egypt is an adventurous teacher’s paradise. After considering the generous salary and benefits (as well as the centuries long history that surrounds this country), teaching jobs in Egypt are clearly incredible opportunities that should not be overlooked!


Aside from some of the more well known cities in Egypt (who by all means provide excellent opportunities), there are several more “under the radar” locations that offer interesting and attractive teaching job opportunities. When searching for teaching jobs in Egypt, it is important to factor in personal interests and skill requirements and look into a variety of locations.

Alexandria. The second largest city in Egypt, Alexandria is best known for its ancient architecture and rich history. It plays host to an amazing amount of monuments, attractions, and ancient roman theatre. Located next to the Mediterranean sea, there is a very temperate climate with four distinct seasons. Alexandria is perfect for teachers looking for a unique Middle Eastern destination. As one of the most populous cities in Egypt, Alexandria is home to a wealth of teaching job opportunities, in many subjects.

Cairo. One of largest cities in the Middle East, Cairo boasts a population of 17 million people. Located right on the historic, beautiful Nile river, Cairo is world renown for its ancient origins and corresponding historical sites, including the pyramids at Giza and the sphinx. Similar to Alexandria, the nation’s largest city is also home to the largest number of opportunities to teach in Egypt.

El Gouna. Translating to “the lagoon,” and known as the premier Red Sea holiday destination city, El Gouna is a tourist resort town located off the coast of the Red Sea. Teaching jobs in El Gouna are much less frequent and harder to come by than the latter two cities; however, those lucky enough to win a teaching job in El Gouna can expect to be treated to a lavish lifestyle, complete with exotic beaches, golf courses, and a myriad of vacationer activities.

Teaching Jobs in Egypt

Fortunately for job-seekers, there are teaching jobs in Egypt in almost every grade level, from Pre-K all the way through undergraduate programs; however, the most common teaching job in Egypt are placements in elementary school settings.

General Education. Elementary, middle, and secondary school jobs are open to licensed teachers with at least two years of teaching experience. As the majority of teaching jobs in Egypt are for certified public school teachers, there are not very many English teaching jobs in Egypt for non-certified ESL teachers. Additionally, due to the high number of international schools in Egypt, employers are constantly seeking teachers to teach all languages, not just English, which is an important distinction. If you are bi, tri, or perhaps fluent in four or more languages, it will increase your job prospects for teaching in Egypt greatly.

Tutoring. Many businessmen in Egypt are looking to increase their English speaking skills, and hiring tutors is a very common occurrence throughout the country. Tutors can expect to make around $15 an hour. Tutoring can be an excellent tool to increase your income during your free time; however, any experienced teacher knows that the mysterious and fabled “free time” is often hard to come by, and this can be especially true for those who teach abroad.  

International Schools. Luckily, there are a number of international schools all over Egypt looking for teachers to instruct math, science, physical education, drama, foreign languages, and English. Boasting inclusions such as flights to and from Egypt, tax free salaries, hefty benefits package, and low cost of living, teaching jobs in Egypt provide a lucrative start for young teachers (and those looking to expand their teaching resume).

Salary & Costs

Teachers can expect more than a “break even” scenario while teaching in Egypt. Available teaching jobs in Egypt offer a range of salaries, based on qualifications and experience. For example, jobs in education leadership and administration generally offer higher salaries. That being said, Egypt is generally regarded as one of the best paying and most accommodating locations to teach abroad in the world.

Typical contracts last for one or two years and average salaries range between $2,000 and $2,750 a month. Most teaching contracts include health insurance, housing, airfare reimbursement, and paid vacation time as well as holidays.

As an Arab nation, the holiday schedule in Egypt will be very different from what most teachers are used to. National holidays in Egypt include, but are not limited to, Shem El Nessim, Sinai liberation day, and Eid al-Fitr.

Accommodation & Visas

Most teachers will be provided with housing for the duration of their teaching job in Egypt, either via a housing stipend or prearranged accommodation. Some schools offer “dorm-style” living for teachers in apartment buildings that are subsidized, while others take care of their teachers on an individualized basis.

When considering housing and teaching locations, transportation is a very important factor to research. Fortunately, Egypt offers many forms of public transportation that can carry you to and from your teaching placement safely. Cairo is the only city that has a train system, which is the easiest and most “Western” form of transportation available in Egypt. However, teachers in nearly any city will be able to hail tuk-tuks, a scooter-like taxi that migrated to Egypt from India and Thailand. These are typically the same price or cheaper than taxis, and teachers can expect to pay about $11.00 for a 15 to 20 minute ride.

Another transportation option are Microbuses, the local form of a city bus system. Hailing one of these can be difficult, as there is no set schedule, and passengers can request to be dropped off at any time. However, if you don’t feel like totally immersing yourself in Egyptian culture, several of the larger cities in Egypt have more standardized city bus systems too. Be sure to research transportation options in and around your potential accommodation and school before deciding where to live.

You will need to complete the proper requirements for a work visa before you begin teaching in Egypt. Work visas will require an application form with a passport photo, in addition to a copy of your offer letter from your school or employer and proof of health.

GoAbroad Insider Tips

Well Cared For. To put it simply, Egypt takes good care of foreign teachers, boasting one of the best benefit packages for international teaching jobs in the world. Common benefits include, but are not limited to, airfare reimbursement, room and board, utilities, paid holiday vacations, and transportation to and from school. Daily transportation arrangements are possibly the most helpful, as some foreign teachers may find the hustle and bustle of larger cities intimidating.

Be Mindful of Harassment. Egypt is a very conservative country, and women as well as members of the LGBTQ community should be cautious when travelling alone. Additional regard should be given to personal wardrobe choices, as even very conservative Egyptian women occasionally face public harassment problems.

Know Some Arabic. A working knowledge of Arabic is not required to teach in Egypt; however, some familiarity is recommended, as some vendors, shop owners, taxi-drivers, and other locals will either not speak English, or will refuse to speak it.

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