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A Guide to Teaching Abroad in Vina del Mar

Chile’s fourth largest city, Vina del Mar, is located near the coast and is home to a comfortable Mediterranean climate. The city is covered with manicured boulevards lined with palm trees, elongated public beaches, and numerous parks, earning it the name Ciudad Jardin (Garden City). An increasingly popular place to teach abroad in Chile, there are plenty of job opportunities for those who want to teach English in Vina del Mar. If you want to jump start your international teaching career, then choosing Vina del Mar is most definitely a great first step!

Teaching Jobs in Vina del Mar

Teaching jobs in Vina del Mar are abundant, for experienced, newly certified, or student teachers as well as those looking for a change of careers. There are opportunities to teach in Vina del Mar in a variety of institutions and with a variety of students, from public to private schools and elementary classes to adult lessons.

Some of the most highly sought after teaching jobs in Vina del Mar are long-term positions at public schools, which include jobs teaching kindergarten, elementary, and middle or senior high school students. However, there are also opportunities to teach in Vina del Mar at private institutions. Most teaching jobs in Vina del Mar require teachers to commit to full time work, which means there will be a significant amount of time dedicated to face-to-face interaction with students and lesson planning.

It is also possible for aspiring international teachers to work as tutors for older students in more private lesson-like settings, working with individuals such as businessmen, local teachers, or other adults. Most often private lessons are dedicated to improving English language skills.

Those who wish to teach abroad in Vina del Mar can also opt to work part time teaching in language schools. These institutions usually take on a smaller number of students per teacher, making the classroom setting more intimate and focused on the growth of each individual student. Language schools in Vina del Mar are typically focused on expanding English language skills, so teachers should have superb English language skills or be native speakers to succeed in applying for these English teaching jobs.

Since Chile is a Spanish speaking country, the Chilean government has begun slowly improving academic curriculums to prepare students for a larger number of jobs as well as the global market, and increase English language abilities throughout the country; hiring native English speakers and other foreign teachers are just one addition to the education system with this aim in mind.

Life in Vina del Mar

The Garden City, also known as the Vineyard of the Sea, is half an hour away from the capital of Santiago, and not far from the infamous Valparaiso either. Compared to other Chilean cities, teaching in Vina del Mar can be a more affordable option for international teachers as it is not as well-known as its neighbors. However, the city continues to attract more and more tourists every year, especially those with a thing for the water.

As a coastal city with miles upon miles of Pacific coastline, the ocean’s waves create many opportunities for competition, especially when it comes to surfing to skim boarding. More than just a beach town, Vina del Mar is home to a variety of annual festivals. Each year, thousands of visitors come flocking into this quaint city to witness the International Music Festival, among others.

Teachers will definitely be able to spend more than just a day strolling around the city, visiting museums and taking in the magnificent architecture and historical sites. Whether attending an event at the open-air amphitheater, walking through Plaza de Vina del Mar, visiting museums filled with archeological artifacts and European paintings, teachers will always find something to do outside of the classroom. It is even possible to ride a horse-drawn carriage from place to place. Last, but definitely not least, all teachers must take a trip to one of Vina del Mar’s vineyards and learn about the way grapes are harvested and wine is manufactured in Chile, all while tasting some of the nation’s best.

Salary & Costs

Some teaching opportunities in Vina del Mar include training programs or TEFL certification, in which case applicants will have to pay a fee to participate and may or may not be supplied with a guaranteed job placement after completion. This type of teaching in Vina del Mar typically comes in the form of a packaged program, meaning accommodation, Spanish language lessons, orientation, and excursions may or may not be included.

On the contrary, there are also paid teaching jobs in Vina del Mar. A full time teacher in a public school could receive an average of monthly pay up to 300,000 Chilean Pesos in Chile. However, each teacher’s salary will depend on the specific contract, past teaching experience, and training certifications. As you teach in Vina del Mar for longer periods, schools may gradually increase your monthly salary, but it all depends on your contract.

With an average teaching salary, international teachers can live well in Vina del Mar. Living in Chile, especially in Vina del Mar. is rather cheap compared to major cities in most Western countries. For example, a fully furnished, one bedroom apartment only costs $250 in Vina del mar, and average daily food expenses shouldn’t add up to more than $5.

Accommodation & Visas

International teachers who plan to work and teach abroad in Vina del Mar should not be worried about making to many arrangements before or after arrival, other than securing a teaching job. Generally, Chilean schools will provide all the necessities for teachers, such as accommodation, airport transfer, meals, insurance, and a host of other benefits. Teachers are usually housed either within the school’s complex or in housing that is adjacent or near to the school.

For teachers who arrive and decide they would prefer to live in an alternative accommodation or location, most school administrators will be happy to provide recommendations. It is quite easy to find an apartment in Vina del Mar, including one to three bedroom apartments that are both furnished or unfurnished. Teachers should just be sure to check if the housing includes all the amenities they would expect, like air conditioning or heating units. Since Chile has all four seasons, it is necessary to have heating and air conditioning units for year-round living. Prices will of course vary based on location, amenities, and set up of the housing.

Applicants who wishes to teach in Vina del Mar will likely need to obtain a visa. You may need to apply for work visa or “Visa Sujeto a Contrato,” which is valid for two years, if you plan on obtaining a long-term, paid teaching job in Vina del Mar. Your employer will likely provide the necessary documents or sponsorship for you to complete the visa process. Chilean visas can be applied for in your home country or upon arriving in Chile. In terms of visa fees, costs will depend on your nationality. It is best to consult your host organization as well as a Chilean embassy or consulate to get the most up to date information on visa requirements and application procedures.

GoAbroad Insider Tips

Newly Government Supported. If you want to experience a somewhat challenging environment along with a fulfilling teaching job abroad, then teaching in Vina del Mar may just be right for you. Chile, along with many other South American countries, has begun developing a new curriculum standard that integrates the English language into every level of education, in order to prepare students for the competitive global job market of today.

Language. Teaching in a non-English speaking country, especially in a smaller city, can be relatively difficult for those who are not fluent in the local language. Therefore, it is recommended that those who want to teach in Vina del Mar have basic Spanish skills before arrival. In fact, many schools and teaching job opportunities will require that teachers understand basic Spanish, if only for the purpose of more effective classroom management and student engagement.

Comfort. Aside from the potential language barrier, teachers will surely enjoy teaching in the coastal city of Vina del mar. Whether exploring the local sites or taking advantage of the cheaper cost of living, teachers will find they have everything at their fingertips while teaching in Vina del Mar.

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