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A Guide to Teaching Abroad in Brasilia

Is it a bird, is it a plane, or is it… superman?  There are not many cities in the world that look impressive from space, but Brasilia does. Brasilia started as a campaign pledge, but surprised the world by being built in less than five years, quickly developing into the political, architectural, and lifestyle capital of Brazil. Futuristic Brasilia is a great location to teach in English in Brazil with cheap living costs and plenty to explore nearby. Get your samba on, gorge yourself on the barbecue meat, and become soccer mad while teaching in Brasilia. Teach abroad in Brasilia and discover the beauty of Brazilian life!

What you need to know to teach in Brasilia

Brasilia may not be the first city that pops into your mind when thinking of teaching in Brazil, but it has the advantage over other cities of having a large demand for teaching jobs, reasonable pay/living costs, and a better safety record than most cities in Brazil.  

Popular ESL jobs in Brasilia. With a huge shortage of English teachers in Brasilia (and Brazil),you will find plenty of ESL jobs within public schools, universities, and tutoring centres. The advantage of working within one of these institutions is the support they should offer you in attaining the complex work visa, completing the local legal processes, and finding accommodation. When in Brasilia, you will find yourself inundated with requests for private tuition. Many teachers take on extra work to supplement their income, and within some time can find themselves able to support themselves financially through private tuition work only. 

Short-term vs. long-term teaching jobs. When looking at contracts to teach English in Brasilia, you will find a range of short-term, or long-term contracts on offer. Most institutions, prefer a longer contract to offset the complex process for acquiring a work visa. This can have the advantage of allowing you to time to learn Portuguese and find private clients if you wish to go freelance. 

Teaching English vs. teaching other subjects. There are many job opportunities for teaching English in Brasilia, but you can also find work teaching other subjects such as maths or science in one of the numerous international schools, if you have the relevant qualifications. If you can teach a niche subject in English such as medical or business English, you will find a huge demand with a rewarding financial return.

Life in Brasilia for ESL Teachers

With stunning monuments such as the Catedral metropolitan and the Palacio de Alvorada, tasty but reasonably priced food, and social gatherings every night ranging from samba to football, Brasilia offers plenty of activities to help you immerse yourself into Brazilian life. There is a large and vibrant expat community in Brazil, meaning it is easy to meet and make friends, and an endless stream of events and activities to fill your time off from teaching English in Brasilia. 

Year-round sunshine means outdoor pursuits are a favorite pastime in Brasilia; sailing, waterskiing, and rowing are all undertaken on the man-made lake which has become the focal point of the city. While there is no shortage of tennis courts in the city- so get practicing your serve!  

Weekends, or days away from teaching in Brasilia can be spent visiting Itiquira Falls which at 168m high are one of Brazil’s most prized natural spots but without the crowds of other waterfalls, the historic colonial towns of Minas Gerais, or the underappreciated coastlines of the Northeast.

The GoAbroad’s Inside Scoop for foreign teachers in Brasilia

Abraco. Teaching in Brasilia you will quickly get use to the national form of greeting in Brazil, the abraco. In Brazil when greeting someone it is common to embrace each other, meaning it is not unusual to see two male friends speaking in the street with arms around each other shoulders. Women give each other kisses on both cheeks ( right cheek then left), but if you are feeling shy and not ready to imitate um abaraco then you can still shake hands. 

Planes. Road networks in Brazil leave a lot to be desired. Therefore, instead of buses, planes will become your main mode of transport. Flying in Brazil is a unique experience as planes often make a few stops on the way from point A to B and who knows who ( or what) you will be sharing your aisle with!

If you want to spend your days enjoying Bolinho de Chuva while sipping on Guaraná, evenings sampling the Brazilian nightlife, weekends sailing under the sun, and holidays exploring the waterfalls, beaches, and rainforests of Brazil, then consider teaching in Brasilia.  There are plenty of options for teaching in Brasilia, so there is no excuse not to grab your passport, learn 1,2,3… beer please in Portuguese, and start your Brazilian dream. 

Can’t shake the thought of joining in on daily samba seshes? Read our comprehensive guide to teaching abroad in Brazil.

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