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15 Teach Abroad Programs in Australia


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Journey to Australia and gain international experience with International TEFL and TESOL Training. Participants, from across the globe, are professionally-trained in teaching English as a Second Language through course work and practical experience teaching locals. No prior teaching experience is necessary to be eligible for this program.


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Earn a competitive salary while teaching English in Australia through the International TEFL Academy. Placements are available in Adelaide, Airlie Beach, Albury, and many other cities. Program fees include TEFL/TESOL classes, job placement assistance, and housing assistance.


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Consider this course that will give you the best skills possible to get a placement overseas teaching English that pays! Our most comprehensive online TEFL course will give you a thorough grounding in the most important TEFL skills to get you fully prepared to take on your first teaching job. It's a perfect choice if you want high level TEFL certification that fits your own schedule and study s...


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If you're longing to live abroad and get paid to travel, take the next best step and learn to teach English! Our internationally recognized, accredited 120 hour TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language) course will prepare you to teach English to anyone, anywhere. In fact, you could be on your way to living abroad in just 3 short months. We’re fully accredited with the ACDL (Accredit...


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Are you 17 to 25 years old? Does an urge to explore the world pump through your veins? Are you a fan of sun, sand and great people? If you said yes to the above, a Letz Live Australian gap year may be exactly what you’re looking for! Letz Live, a leading provider of gap year placements, offers 12-month (and sometimes 6-month) Australian school-based gap year placements to young people the w...

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Teaching Abroad in Australia

Australia offers endless opportunities for teachers and individuals hoping to experience a diverse, exciting, and wondrous home-away-from-home. Whether you are looking to explore world-class beaches with famous surf breaks, get off the grid in the expansive Australian Outback, or kick back and enjoy the endless activities throughout the cities, Australia presents a one of a kind experience for teachers looking to teach in a new environment. Furthermore, with dozens of highly-accredited and leading universities, ensure many quality positions. There is no question about why Australia has become one of the world’s most popular destinations! Read on for some information to help you during the stay.

Geography & Demographics

Australia has many different climates ranging from temperate in the south to desert and tropical as you head north. Therefore, depending on the location of your school and the seasons in which you will be abroad, you may need to pack a somewhat different wardrobe.

Australia’s desert Outback encompasses the vast majority of the country’s land area, pushing the population and cities out to the coast. Most of the population resides on the east coast of the country where Sydney, Melbourne, and the Gold Coast provide very popular tourist destinations. Australia’s economy is directly tied into that of the entire Pacific region, helping Australia’s economy stay strong.

Food & Culture

An important note is that “tipping” on a meal is not customary in Australia. The tip will be included in the price of the meal; therefore, meals tend to be more expensive.

Despite any Aboriginal dialects and languages, all academic classes are taught in English regardless of location or program, providing an easy transition and excellent environment for English-speaking teachers to excel.

Things to Do

When students are not in the classroom, unlimited opportunities await them. Traveling throughout Australia is rather simple, and there are many different modes of transportation including: cars, buses, trains, and flights. For the budget conscious, taking a bus or a train may be the best way to travel. Although,  airline travel may be more realistic depending on the trip. Australia is a sprawling country with almost 2,500 miles between Sydney on the east coast and Perth on the west. Each city offers something a bit different from the others. Their differences in climate, geography, and feel are so great it can be hard to believe they are all part of the same country.

Perth is Australia’s largest city on the west coast, and has more hours of sunshine per year than all other Australian cities – providing the perfect motivation for students to take advantage of the gorgeous white sand beaches and friendly atmosphere. The unique city is isolated between river, ocean, and desert.  

Moving east along Australia’s southern coast, Adelaide is the “festival capital” and “wine capital” of Australia. Music, art, and film events blend with the vibrant café culture to offer students an easy way to navigate through this always entertaining destination. Festivals range from the Santos Tour Down Under, a week long cycling festival that draws world famous cyclists, to a Cabaret Festival.

Further east, Melbourne’s European architecture and fervent atmosphere create the country’s cultural capital. Melbourne is known for its youthful outlook as a means to making it one of Australia’s most popular destinations.

Actually an island state, Tasmania is about 150 miles off the southern coast. Although separated from the main island, Tasmania is still less than an hour from Melbourne, making travel a breeze. Tasmania is known for the wide range of activities available, including: kayaking, mountain biking, hiking, swimming, surfing, as well as an endless array of art, music, and great food!

Back on the mainland, Sydney is the largest city in Australia with easy access to beaches and national parks located just outside the city. The metropolitan area has a population of around 4.6 million and offers up well known attractions such as the Sydney Opera House, Sydney Harbour, and Bondi Beach.

Head north from Sydney and you will run directly into Brisbane and the Gold Coast, both of which are internationally recognized for their amazing beaches and world-class surfing. The city has a subtropical climate plus amazing shopping and nightlife. Drive the Great Sunshine Way to visit the Golden Coast or spend a day at the Koala Sanctuary. 

Last but not least, Cairns is situated on the northern end of the coast, and offers students the easiest access to the Great Barrier Reef and the less-frequented rainforests. Try the Skyrail Rainforest Cableway or visit the many waterfalls in the area. Beyond its adventurous and friendly atmosphere, the thriving nightlife of the city offers a great end to a day of outdoor excursions.

Teaching in Australia

Teaching abroad in Australia encourages people to immerse themselves in a different culture, experience the thrills of surfing and exploring the Outback, and also guides them on a path to success in their professions. Universities offer students of all majors ample opportunities for international education in Australia. So if teaching at a university, expect to teach students from all over the world and from all ethnic backgrounds. Local Australian and Aboriginal cultures show characteristics from Greece to Asia to the Pacific Islands.

On the Northeastern coast, near the cities of Brisbane and Cairns, oceanography and biology teachers can apply their knowledge directly to one of the world’s most biologically diverse and impressive landscapes – the Great Barrier Reef. 

The variety of the land and position in Australia is endless. Its wonderful education system provides a wonderful opportunity for teachers looking to further their own education while doing the same for others.

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