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Studying Web Design Abroad

As the world heads into a more and more digital age, web technology students are finding themselves in higher demand around the world, for needs that range from behind-the-scenes coding to online web management. Fortunately, this makes studying web design abroad an incredibly accessible opportunity, and one that encourages students to learn new languages (to speak in and to code with). By participating in a web design study abroad program, students can learn new methods of design and ways to make websites more aesthetic, useful, and accessible, all while making new friends and gaining incredibly unique experiences.

Why Study Web Design Abroad

Studying abroad is known for expanding a person’s mind and improving communication skills immensely, and web design majors will no doubt experience this firsthand. Since the world wide web is indeed worldwide, traveling and studying web design abroad will introduce students to new methods of programming, concepts of design, and ways of thinking about how websites are created and optimized with specific users in mind.

Though the majority of coding languages were developed in English speaking countries, and therefore use English code words, a large handful of others use their country’s domestic language. Students will have the chance to experience and learn different coding languages, which will help expand programming knowledge, comfort, and professional adaptability.

In your professional web design career, studying abroad can set you apart from your peers by increasing your familiarity with international web design concepts and experience in the field on a global scale. Employers will be enticed by your interest in traveling and studying web design abroad, as it is an international industry.


Due to the boom in internet marketing, web design is bigger now than it has ever been. Luckily, this means that no location is off limits for your web design study abroad program. You can tailor your semester to a language you want to learn or landmarks you’ve been yearning to see, or any other specific interest you may have.

In Europe, Italy attracts many web design students. Italy is a world center for art and design prospects and a country where creativity reigns. Web and graphic design are recently blossoming arts in the modern cities of Rome and Florence. Florence is especially prosperous when it comes to web design applications for the fashion industry. Web design study abroad programs in England and Ireland offer English speakers a chance to explore a new country without stepping outside of their language too much. The history and culture around artistic exploration anywhere in the U.K. welcomes all web designers with open arms.

As technology rapidly transforms the region, West Asia is one of the more exciting choices for web design study abroad. For example, Jordan’s capital city, Amman, is home to thousands of technology firms, many specializing in web programming and design. The city’s eclectic mix of modern and ancient will make any web design study abroad program one of a kind.

Famed for its perfect weather, Australia is also a perfect place to study web design abroad. With numerous accredited universities offering web design courses, it’s easy to stay on track with graduation while studying abroad in Australia. Whether in the capital Sydney, or the artistic mecca of Melbourne, Australia is rapidly becoming the “place to be” for technology students.

Web Design Study Abroad Programs

Fortunately, web design curriculum encompasses a broad range of classes, from introductory concepts of design to more advanced computer software courses. Your classes will be tailored to how far along you are in your web design degree program, your familiarity with coding languages and software, and where you choose to study web design abroad.

The basic courses of any web design degree include math, HTML programming, and digital art and design. Those that study web design abroad earlier in their college career can fill their schedules with these prerequisite classes. Universities that don’t offer a stand alone web design major usually still offer computer science or information technology courses that can overlap with your required web design degree courses.

If you study web design abroad later in college, you may have a more limited choices of schools, based on which universities offer the specific courses you are looking for. However, you can always fill your class schedule with general education courses, and many older students find that, with the help of an advisor and a well-coordinated plan, they can arrange an independent study course while studying abroad. Independent studies for web design students typically involve full design and responsibility for a website, from start to finish, with an advisor, either at your home institution or abroad, grading your final project.


In a subject as versatile as web design, where your artistic skills can be applied to any kind of website for a variety of subjects and usages and the only requirements are an active internet connection and a keen eye for creativity, studying abroad is a smart decision to make.

  • Redesign Your Education. Web design involves a hefty amount of artistic influence, and travel is well-known to open your eyes to new ideas and make you reassess what you thought you knew about art. Those that study web design abroad will find themselves exposed to new methods of design, allowing their creations to be more streamlined, accessible to different kinds of online users, and appealing to an international community.
  • Digital and Diligent. Traveling abroad can also introduce you to the importance of what you’re studying. As the world becomes more connected through the internet, local businesses from around the world depend on websites to become established and make better lives for themselves and their families. Seeing the importance of web design abroad will undoubtedly make you more passionate about your art.
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