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A Guide to Study Abroad in Ankara

Ankara, home of the Angora bunny—Google it, you have time. Cute, right?! If that isn’t enough to entice you to begin your study in Ankara experience STAT, we’re not really sure what will. Jokes aside, Ankara may seem like any other concrete jungle, but dig deeper and you’ll be surprised at what you’ll find. Truth be told, Ankara is full of ancient secrets—the kind worth discovering and unveiling. Beware King Midas (you won’t be able to study if you’re a big lump of gold!) and lazy study habits—it’s time to study abroad in Ankara and bring a bunny (we mean, uh, an enlightened perspective!) home.

What you need to know about studying abroad in Ankara

Ankara universities and study abroad programs thrive in many areas, meaning that subjects to study here are not limited to a particular field or subject. Contacting the school, university, or program directly will certainly throw out some great opportunities for you.

Popular subjects to study include religious studies and history. The Ankara you see today has been built up in quite recent years; because of this, studying history is really the only way to catch a glimpse of what this city was like in times gone by. Studying history and religious studies is a good choice for those interested in digging right into the past life of Turkish cities.

Short term and summer programs vs. long term programs. Trying to decide short term vs. long term will be a dilemma you’ll face when deciding what kind of program or course to study in Ankara. If you’re free from any home commitments and can afford to, consider studying in Ankara for as long as possible; this will give you a real opportunity to immerse yourself in your course, learn about your field of study in more detail, and make great connections to the city and people around you. If you are already a student, consider taking a unit or two of your course abroad; this will give you a bit of an edge with your current studies and broaden your mind. Speak to your current school to ask about possible study abroad options. 

Attending universities vs. other program types.  You’ll have the opportunity to study through your university, a Turkish university, or a third-party provider. Third-party providers are perfect for people who love being the perpetual student, or have never been to university, but want to learn and study. University courses in Ankara are a great option for those wishing to undertake an undergraduate or postgraduate degree abroad at one of Turkey’s top universities.

Life in Ankara, Turkey for International Students

Life in Ankara is pretty amazing! Ankara is renowned for having some of the best universities in Turkey. If you are a serious student with eyes only for study and enriching the mind, you’ll absolutely love it. Although the city isn’t as well known for partying as Istanbul, you’ll still have many opportunities to socialize.

The food in Ankara is incredible. Admittedly, the majority of famous dishes are made up of meat, like roast lamb and chicken, but if you’re a vegetarian, don’t panic just yet. The breads in Ankara will have your veggie-friendly mouths watering instantly. 

As well as discovering the city with your stomach, you’ll have plenty of opportunities to rest in a cafe and catch up with the latest flick at the cinemas. Ankara is incredibly modern and will keep even the most adventurous of students occupied!

GoAbroad Insider Tips

Although around five to six hours away, visit Istanbul. The two cities are so different and to really appreciate Turkey as a whole, you’ll have to visit more than one city. Buses frequently run between the two cities are are reasonably priced. 

Get involved with the activities or clubs provided by your course or university provider. As great as it is to stick your head in the books, by making new international friends, you’ll create lifetime memories and have opportunities to go exploring together. It may seem difficult to make friends in Ankara, so use your course provider as a gateway!

Whatever course you decide to embark on, you’re going to receive top quality teaching and create memories while you study in Ankara!

Read our comprehensive guide to studying abroad in Turkey to learn more about what this country has to offer.

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A Guide To
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