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Boston University Study Abroad Geneva & London: International Conflict Resolution program introduces students to international conflict resolution in light of contemporary conflicts and global security concerns. The first half of the program will take place in Geneva, where students will analyze contemporary conflicts and the roles of human rights, religion, foreign intervention, and intercu...


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This programme takes you from Diploma to a BA Degree (with Honours) in International Culinary Arts. The course offers students expert practical training alongside the management skills they need to excel in this field. Paid internships are organised by our Careers team in some of the top kitchens either in Switzerland or abroad.

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Voyager Europe, offered by Voyager Study Abroad, is a unique study abroad program. Our students experience an intimate real-world learning experience that immerses them in the art, history and culture of some European countries. In summer 2017, we visit five countries – Spain, Switzerland, France, Italy, and Germany as well as important European cities including Paris, Barcelona, Madrid, Floren...

Voyager Study Abroad

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Earn up to 12 credits this summer while studying in Switzerland! Choose a multi-country Forum-Nexus program which includes two great Swiss cities, Geneva and Interlaken (in the Swiss Alps!) All courses are taught in English. Lots of courses for business and non-business majors. Cool int'l professors! Great visits to companies and int'l organizations! Students come from top schools in the U.S., ...


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Spend the summer traveling to London, Amsterdam, Paris, Lausanne, Venice, Florence and Rome, the historic art and architectural centers of Europe. Earn 3 credits taking European Art and Architecture through Richmond, the American International University in London. Live in hotels and student residences, with breakfast included daily. You’ll enjoy field trips to museums and galleries and visi...


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Experience one of the best German language immersion programs with Languages Abroad's Live and Learn program in Basel, Switzerland! Learn one of Switzerland's three national languages (French and Italian are the other two) as it borders both France and Germany! The city is full of nationals from both countries as well as many others so you'll never be short of finding someone new to talk to...


Investigate how the international community addresses the challenges of meeting the nutrition, food security, and health needs of populations in the 21st century. Based in Geneva and Nyon, this program provides you with an understanding of global food security and nutrition challenges and their links to sustainable development, public health, and socio-political stability. You will explore i...


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Take two courses during this six-week summer program offered by the the Philosophy Department, Markets and Management Studies Program, and Global Education Office for Undergraduates (GEO-U) of Duke University. It takes place in Geneva, with the Cité Universitaire De Genève as the host institute. Geneva is the European base of the United Nations and many NGOs, as well as home to over a hundr...


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Take part in the International Cultural Heritage Law summer school, which aims to build participants’ general understanding and awareness of the main themes of international cultural heritage law, specifically the following: - safeguarding of the diversity of cultural expressions and intangible cultural heritage - the protection of the built heritage from human-induced and natural disasters...


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At the beginning of the 21st century, international discussions and actions play an important part in public and private policy-making. The Programme on International Affairs and Multilateral Governance takes you to the heart of international policy-making: it provides participants with a unique combination of academic expertise and practical experience on issues of economic integration, human...