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IMI International Management Institute Switzerland

This programme takes you from Diploma to a BA Degree (with Honours) in International Culinary Arts. The course offers students expert practical training alongside the management skills they need to excel in this field. Paid internships are organised by our Careers team in some of the top kitchens either in Switzerland or abroad.

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Boston University: Geneva Internship Program

With its glorious alpine setting, a multitude of important global organizations, and a certain sense that everything is just so, Geneva is a marvelous place to live and study. The Boston University Geneva Internship Program combines coursework at the university center in the city with professional work experience in or near Geneva. During the first part of the program, students take one requ...


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Forum-Nexus Study Abroad

Curriculum Highlights: Multi-country summer program in Europe: Earn up to 8 credits in the summer while studying in 9 amazing European cities. Students from the U.S. and other countries travel together (with the professors) taking classes, visiting universities, companies and international organizations. Open to all majors. U.S.-accredited university. Acquire a solid understanding of Europe...


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Live & Learn German in Switzerland

Experience one of the best German language immersion programs with Languages Abroad's Live and Learn program in Basel, Switzerland! Learn one of Switzerland's three national languages (French and Italian are the other two) as it borders both France and Germany! The city is full of nationals from both countries as well as many others so you'll never be short of finding someone new to talk to...


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SIT Study Abroad

Examine models of health systems and development policy in Geneva and the surrounding region, the world’s capital for international organizations dedicated to public health, social justice, and sustainable development. The program investigates prominent issues dominating the international health and development arena. Students learn through onsite briefings and lectures with health and dev...


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Kent State University: Geneva, Switzerland Semester Program

Enroll in the Kent State Geneva program, a study abroad program set amidst a picturesque landscape with views of the majestic Swiss Alps. It is based at Webster University Geneva, our partner institution. On campus, you will become part of a diverse student body as well as receive personalized attention within small classes and and comprehensive support services for your academic needs and cult...


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Swiss Hospitality Excellence is Within Reach

Business and Hotel Management School of Switzerland (BHMS), located in the heart of Lucerne, is a top hospitality school and part of Bénédict Education Group, one of Switzerland’s oldest and largest private institutions of higher education. Offering accredited degree programs in culinary arts, hospitality management and global business management, BHMS prepares tomorrow’s leaders through a care...


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CCIS: Lugano--Franklin University

Study abroad at Franklin University in Switzerland. The University provides a full range of undergraduate courses taught in the English language. Courses taught in Italian, German, and French are also offered. The courses are cross-cultural in content and international in perspective. Course offerings include National and Ethnic Conflict in Europe, International Design, International Law, Dipl...


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Franklin University Switzerland

Franklin University Switzerland is an English-speaking, US- and Swiss-accredited non-profit university based in Lugano, Southern Switzerland. The university offers bachelor’s and master’s programs, foundation programs and summer courses in a highly international academic learning environment. Our community of scholars and students represents over 50 nationalities from all corners of the globe. ...


IHTTI School of Hotel Management

The BA (Hons) Degree in Hospitality and Design Management is offered in collaboration with IHTTI's academic partner, the University of Derby (UoD). After completion of the academic term, students will be given 6 weeks to complete their dissertation, during which time supervision will be provided. This module provides the student with the opportunity to work independently on a specific projec...