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In Sweden and across Europe, the complex relationship between migration and existing healthcare structures is an ongoing challenge. Through contemporary case studies, investigate migrants’ health needs and evaluate their access to care. This program is right for you if you study public health, global health, political science, sociology, or a similar discipline.


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For more than 25 years, The Swedish Program has been offering study abroad students various liberal arts courses in English. It is a small but highly regarded program accepting around 40 students per semester at the Stockholm School of Economics (SSE). The program originally started at Stockholm University but relocated to SSE in January 2013. The small size, curricular focus, commitment to cul...


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Get ready to embark on a journey of discovery. A Youth For Understanding USA (YFU) study abroad program is an experience that will immerse you in the lives, cultures, and communities of a real family in one of more than 40 countries around the globe. An adventure where you'll learn in a year, semester or a summer, what life is like for teens in another part of the world. An experience that w...


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Are you up for a challenge? Join the KTH Master’s Challenge, wherein you will compete for a full scholarship at KTH Royal Institute of Technology - one of the technical and engineering universities in Europe. You also compete for a work opportunity at ABB, a leading company in Sweden. To complete the online challenge, you have to answer multiple choice questions; answer a short case question; a...