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Best Friend Korean Language School

Our Korean regular course runs every month. You can join at any time you want. - 1 month of Korean language course - 2 weeks of Korean language course - 1 week of Korean language course - 1:1 private Korean language course - Korean Business Course We provide various activities such as local tours, global parties and Korean traditional dress experience. You can study Korean lan...


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Go! Go! Hanguk - Live and Study in Korea

Go! Go! Hanguk has helped over 5000 students accomplish their dream of studying in South Korea. Whether you want to study for 2 weeks or 2 years we can help you. With many schools to choose from in Seoul alone Go! Go! Hanguk can help you find the best one to suit your needs. The application process can seem daunting when you don't know exactly what to do and what information you need to ...

Study in South Korea with Go!Go! World.

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ISEP Study Abroad

Ewha Womans University is one of the most prestigious universities in Korea. Ewha was established in 1866 as the first-ever educational institution for Korean women. Although traditionally a women's university, Ewha Womans University is open to male and female international students. On our ISEP Direct study abroad program, you will live and study like a Korean local in the heart of Seoul. ...


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CIEE Arts and Sciences in Seoul, Korea

Seoul has hosted the 1988 Summer Olympics, 2002 FIFA World Cup, and 2010 G-20 Seoul Summit. But its most enduring award is its designation as a UNESCO City of Design. There’s no better place to study business, language, humanities, and more than in this lively center of design excellence and information technology. With the Seoul Mates program, university clubs, and a variety of cultural excurs...


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Study Abroad in South Korea

Begin your year in Korea with a five-day arrival orientation that will include Korean language training, culture and customs classes, and cultural excursions to palaces and historical sites. As a student in Korea, you will attend a local Korean school and live with a Korean host family. As all of Korean high schools begin in early March, the program begins in mid-February. During your stay i...


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Korean Language Regular Program

Discover how amazing it is to speak Korean! Join our regular language program, which includes three-hour morning classes (from 10:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m.) for five days per week, with a total of 60 hours per month. Study in a small or large class size, with 4 to 10 students. Participants take a placement test so we can determine their language level and then assign them in a suitable class. Throug...


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Korean Language and Culture

Kyung Yee University's Institute of International Education (IIE) provides this incredible learning experience in South Korea. With a wide array of academic programs to choose from, students from across the globe gain an incomparable education and even learn more about new cultures through a culturally-diverse set of classmates and schoolmates. Also, in lieu with the autonomous administration s...