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Study abroad programs are available in Singapore with Sea|mester Study Abroad at Sea. Participants can take classes on subject areas that include Geology, Speech Communication, and Leadership Development. Theoretical as well as practical skills are improved through classes with fun-filled eco-tours, hiking, and scuba diving sessions combined.


George Mason University and The Academic Internship Council (AIC) places students in an unpaid two-month summer internship program in Singapore. Students will work five days per week and live in a student apartment during the program. Students will earn valuable global work experience and professional skills in a variety of industry fields, while acquiring Mason resident credit and enjoying his...


Live in Singapore and spend your summer exploring the skyscrapers of the central business district, one of the many ethnic neighborhoods, or the beautiful beaches of Sentosa. As one of the world’s busiest ports and a major hub in Asia, there is never a dull moment in this English-speaking diverse city. During a four or five week summer program you will be able to see how Singapore has positi...


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Pursue your PhD in Integrated Biology and Medicine at the National University of Singapore through this four to five year program offered in conjunction with Duke University. Students will receive training in translational bioscience and advanced training in one of five signature research programs: Cancer and Stem Cell Biology, Cardiovascular and Metabolic Diseases, Emerging Infectious Diseases...

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Studying Abroad in Singapore

Singapore is a cutting-edge cosmopolitan center with a world-class educational system, a city-state where East truly meets West. Studying abroad in Singapore means taking courses in English in the heart of Southeast Asia, surrounded by remarkable cultural diversity that remains from its colonial history.

Geography & Demographics

Thanks to its tropical rainforest climate, Singapore has become a favorite destination for sun-seekers. You can enjoy a full tropical experience and take advantage of a year-round sunny climate with activities such as windsurfing, wakeboarding, and overnight biking excursions.

Food & Culture

Singapore offers a thriving cultural scene with its diverse populace of Malay, Indian, Chinese, and Eurasian descent. Be ready to meet people of many different ethnicities, religions, cuisines, and ways of living, who exist in racial harmony. The diverse communities in Singapore are likened to the native dish called rojak, a salad that mixes many different ingredients with peanut sauce as the basic condiment. Each distinct ethnicity in the country possesses a unique culture (the different ingredients) but shares an identity with the other Singaporeans (the peanut sauce).

Singapore’s buildings artfully combine colonial and contemporary styles of architecture. The century-old Raffles Hotel is an iconic colonial-era structure. There are also the uniquely Singaporean Esplanade and the ultra modern Marina Bay Sands. Highlighting gorgeous buildings like these is the impeccable cleanliness that is very characteristic of Singapore. This may be the only country where you never have to worry about stepping on chewing gum. From the sidewalks to the public bathrooms, the level of general cleanliness here is truly rare.

As unemployment rates shoot up in other countries, Singapore remains resilient and boasts of one of the strongest economies in the world. With its sound economy and political stability, multinational corporations are drawn to Singapore, and offer many opportunities for employment.

Singapore is famed for having one of the lowest crime rates in the world. In fact, authorities have to remind people that “low crime doesn’t mean no crime,” and to have common sense while traveling. While violent crimes against visiting students are rare, watch out for pickpocketing and theft at tourist destinations, hotels, public transport, and the airport.

Things to Do

Traveling around Singapore is also made easy by energy-saving and environment-friendly taxis, buses, and trains. These state-of-the-art modes of transportation offer air conditioners, portable TVs, sound insulation, comfortable seats, and GPS. The local government is most proud of its driverless trains, the Mass Rapid Transit, that efficiently transport over a million people each day.

The city’s most popular beach, the East Coast Park, is a favorite destination for international students looking for fun outdoor activities and an exciting nightlife.

Studying in Singapore

In Singapore, the culture puts an extremely high value on education. From an early age, students’ academic success is emphasized. As a result, education has become one of the major forces driving Singapore’s economic success. Singapore’s world-leading educational system has gained a reputation for being top-notch and globally competitive. As a result, a study-abroad stint or an internship abroad in Singapore is often regarded quite highly by prospective employers or university admissions officers, and Singapore prides itself in its rich mixture of foreign students who come from near and far.

But this prestige comes with a price: studying abroad in Singapore requires that you tackle your studies with as much vigor as the local students. Be ready to mingle with fellow students who very serious about learning, and to get a healthy degree of academic enthusiasm from your colleagues. The pervading culture of kiasu (meaning "afraid to lose") in the country will have you working extra hard.

Study abroad programs at Singapore universities openly invite an influx of foreign applicants. Or, you can study in Singapore with third-party providers that link you not only with academic institutions but with key business networks, government entities, and private industries. Seeing first-hand what the country has to offer during a study abroad trip to Singapore may be a decision that will skyrocket your career.

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