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Budget Low Cost - Russian Studies in Russia

Study Russian language and culture studies in Moscow or St. Petersburg on this low cost program offered by CSA. The program is open to all students and adults worldwide. Courses are offered in 6 levels, from Beginners through Advanced for 20 hours each week, 4 hours a day. The program is offered in weekly or monthly terms and available from January to November. There are a maximum of 12 student...


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Russian Language School in St. Petersburg

St. Petersburg offers innumerable sights, events, and activities for visitors from around the world. Eurocentres provide Russian lessons in a 19th century building close to the Russian Museum, the Mikahilovsky Zamok, and parks. Classrooms are equipped with TV/DVD sets, free Wi-Fi, a self-access Learning Centre, and a small refectory. Students can enroll in general language or long term courses....


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Live & Learn Russian in Moscow or St Petersburg

Moscow and Saint Petersburg are by far Russia's largest and most culturally significant cities. With a rich history and many historic monuments and areas, Moscow and Saint Petersburg are ideal places to learn the Russian language! Our Live and Learn program is a unique experience for all participants. You'll be placed in the home of your own Russian instructor (and their family) in either Mo...


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Standard Russian in St.Petersburg - with Study Abroad Option

Learn the language of Russia in its cultural heart, St. Petersburg. The nation’s former imperial capital for two centuries is the perfect setting to immerse in one of the world’s most beautiful languages. Start learning or hone your language skills by enrolling in the Standard Russian Course of Liden & Denz, the oldest private Russian language institute in the country. The school’s communica...


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Study Russian in Russia

Language Link offers a wide range of flexible and affordable Russian language courses for all levels in comfortable, modern locations. Apart from the standard general, intensive, and conversational Russian courses, the school also offers academic and business Russian, exam preparation, and courses based on Russian culture, such as Literature and Mass Media. Programs can also be adapted to fit t...


Learn Russian in Moscow, Russia

Study Russian at the NRCSA Center in Moscow. Founded in 1992, the institute is a private organization that specializes in teaching Russian to foreigners. It got the recognition as a private language training institute by the local St Petersburg government in 1995. The NRCSA Center in Moscow provides programs year-round. Students get access to all facilities, including a self-access center, ...


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Internships All Fields St. Petersburg, Russia

This program is ideal for anyone wanting to learn Russian and gain life experience in a non-academic atmosphere while interning in any field of your choice, including NGOs. You will attend the Russian intensive course with other international students while experiencing cultural immersion in an independent yet supported atmosphere. The program will prospect a professional opportunity for you in...


Russian as a Second Language

The Russian as a Second Language (RSL) program provides 20 hours per week of Russian language study. This is our most flexible program, available in all of our locations. Besides the Russian cities mentioned in the listing (Moscow, St. Petersburg, Irkutsk and Vladivostok), the program is also available in Kiev, Ukraine and Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan. Besides our regular sessions (fall/spring/academ...


Russian Language Study Programs

Saint-Petersburg State Polytechnical University provides programs for the students who intend to learn Russian language (individually or in a group). We could create customized study programs. Centre of Russian language, Culture and Literature offers various short-term and long-term courses designed for students interested in studying Russian language, culture, history or art. Requests for t...


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Study and Work in Russia

Improve Russian fluency while working full time by applying for a study and work visa in Moscow, Russia. Trinity Business Solutions Ltd is offering applicants the opportunity to get permanently employed in various jobs, such as chefs, housekeepers, au pairs, and caregivers. The program offers 12 months of study, plus a working visa, which is extendable for up to seven years. Applicants will the...