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Study Russian language and culture studies in Moscow or St. Petersburg on this low cost program offered by CSA. The program is open to all students and adults worldwide. Courses are offered in 6 levels, from Beginners through Advanced for 20 hours each week, 4 hours a day. The program is offered in weekly or monthly terms and available from January to November. There are a maximum of 12 student...


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Moscow and Saint Petersburg are by far Russia's largest and most culturally significant cities. With a rich history and many historic monuments and areas, Moscow and Saint Petersburg are ideal places to learn the Russian language! Our Live and Learn program is a unique experience for all participants. You'll be placed in the home of your own Russian instructor (and their family) in either Mo...


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Don’t just learn a foreign language in your home university. Do it abroad, in the country where it is actually spoken! And if you’re interested in learning Russian, we have the perfect opportunity in Moscow. With the increasing need to learn modern and communicative Russian, plenty of relevant language courses are available nowadays. Enroll in Standard Russian in Moscow, a powerhouse city an...