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A Guide to Studying Public Management Abroad

Public management is the degree to pursue abroad, whether your interests are domestic or international. Studying public management abroad will incorporate a mastery of communications, negotiation, marketing, and leadership. In fact, you’d be surprised what celebs have grown their careers by studying public management, public administration, or public affairs; for example, actress Ashley Judd went to Harvard and spent a semester in Paris, and actor Bill O’Reilly rocks an MPA and spent his junior year in London. Even if you don’t ever become #famous, it’s still worthwhile to follow in their degree-totin’, well-traveled, public-management-lovin’ footsteps.

Why Study Public Management Abroad

To make the most of a public management degree, going abroad is a wise choice. A student with a globalized degree is likely to have more professional opportunities ahead of them than a student who did not take advantage of the chance to study public management abroad. Anyone who works in public service, with all types of people, from all sorts of different backgrounds, need to have the capacity to look at things from a multicultural perspective.

Imagine that you are working for the Department of Education, perhaps for a small town in your home country, and a sister-city department from overseas plans a visit to learn, observe, and better understand how things operate in your organization. The visitors may have different standards of living, a unique culture, and different ways of communicating. As their host and a professional representative, it’s important for you to understand how to best mediate the visit. You’ll need to do this in a way that all colleagues can gain from positively and prove that the visit was a worthwhile investment of everyone’s time. So, how can studying public management abroad, be particularly advantageous for you?

Studying public management abroad allows you the necessary environments to apply what you have learned in your first year courses, but with an even more diverse population and in a more meaningful way. It opens the door for you to meet international students, professors and people who are interested in the same topic, but who can offer varying perspectives on the subject. Being in a place where you can learn about all these differences and expand upon the way that you view your course content, better prepares you for the future.


You already know a bit about what the focus areas are for studying public management, and we can practice your application of Strategic Planning, while choosing which destination will best help you reach your goals! The upside to the public management discipline is that it’s a relevant and vital one for just about every region of the world. That being said, all of the sectors in which it operates can be extremely different, depending on which country you’re investigating. In order to identify where you ought to study abroad for public management, the best question to ask yourself is What operations of public management do I want to have a multi-faceted understanding of?

From finance in China to conservation in Costa Rica, you can find public management study abroad options everywhere from South Africa to Italy. Do a little brainstorming with your advisor and explore all of the options you have before choosing your destination. Australia alone has numerous cities with top ranked universities offering loads of different courses that work well for public management majors. England is another good option for students of public management due to the local government engagement with everyday life. It offers great opportunity to take your learning outside of the classroom and into the real world, right there before you! Cha-ching.

Public Management Study Abroad Programs

No matter if you’re  the office administrator at the local community development department, the high-level manager of a grassroots, non-profit, or even the head of HR at the Environmental Protection Agency, public service means working for the public. By studying public management abroad, you’ll be giving yourself a leg up in the job market and you’ll better prepare yourself for potential workplace challenges by exposing yourself to more definitions and makeups of the word “public”.

No matter which track you focus on within public management during your time abroad, you’ll find that a majority of the courses you need for a public management degree are available at multiple universities around the globe. Numerous destinations offer some core course areas, which might be the best ones to consider taking abroad, including: environmental conservation, sustainable development, communications, business administration, economics, international relations, public policy, finance, community health, or government.

Benefits & Challenges

It might seem like all of the possible benefits of studying public management abroad have already been rattled off, but truly there are more!

One of the most significant benefits of public management study abroad is the growth in your personal and professional network that will develop from taking your degree overseas. Your classmates and the friends made while abroad, may very well become the most influential political leaders, environmental advocates, and world leaders of the future, and now more than ever, it is so easy to keep in touch.

It’s important to note that there will be challenges, too. If you choose to study somewhere that has a completely different political system from your home country, that will have an effect on your study focus and the way you apply your coursework when you return back home. Even so, with the right frame of mind, the challenges can end up being beneficial, too.

At a first glance, the degree title public management doesn’t always scream, “Take me abroad!” However, with just a touch more research, even for the more experienced international student, it becomes clear how much more engaging your degree will become with a step outside of the local public policy framework. To best serve the people, it’s essential to care for and develop an interest to understand the people, all of them!

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A Guide To
Studying Public Management Abroad


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