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A Guide to Studying Abroad in Queenstown

Known worldwide as a premier adventure tourism capital, Queenstown offers a highly unique study abroad destination for students who are interested in travel, adventure sport, and the environment. A small island nation in Oceania, New Zealand was one of the last major land masses to be populated by humans, and its well-preserved landscapes will leave you speechless. Perhaps nowhere is the country’s natural beauty more accessible than in Queenstown, a city of just over 12,000 which could end up playing host to one of the best experiences of your life.

Studying Abroad in Queenstown

Since Queenstown is such a small city with a niche demographic, most of the study abroad opportunities located here are centered around environmental studies or the adventure tourism industry. Shorter study abroad programs in Queenstown, which generally last around one month, are offered during both summer and winter terms, while there are also options to study abroad in Queenstown for a semester or even a full academic year as well.

There are many study abroad programs in Queenstown that are focused on preparing students to work in the tourism and travel industries. If you are interested in working abroad after college, this is a great way to prepare yourself. Students can take undergraduate courses in any related fields too, such as hospitality or restaurant management, and also take advantage of the thriving local travel industry for valuable internship opportunities.

Environmental Studies. Study abroad programs in New Zealand that are focused around environmental studies will typically stop in Queenstown as one of several destinations across the country, or even the larger region of Oceania. Environmental courses are generally centered around sustainability, geology, marine biology, and other earth sciences.

Life in Queenstown

Queenstown is pristinely located on the shores of Lake Wakatipu, under the shadow of sweeping nearby mountain ranges. The historical center of Queenstown was founded in the late nineteenth century, and many of its oldest buildings still remain imbedded in the city’s infrastructure. Its permanent population of just over 12,000 citizens gives Queenstown a quaint small-town feel, although its immensely beautiful natural scenery attracts scores of adventure travelers every year too, making it a fun and exciting place to study abroad in New Zealand.

Queenstown is one of the most popular resort towns in all of Oceania, and is equally enjoyed by domestic and international travelers alike. The city boasts well over 200 adventure tourism activities, making it a paradise for enthusiasts of everything from skiing and snowboarding to whitewater rafting to skydiving and bungee jumping. There is something for nature lovers and thrill-seekers of all different shapes and sizes in Queenstown.

Studying abroad in Queenstown will give you the rare opportunity to enjoy many of these outdoor adventure opportunities while also working to earn academic credit in relatable subjects. While education is undoubtedly an important part of the experience, you will also gain an entirely new perspective on the philosophy of “work hard, play hard” while studying in Queenstown.

Costs & Affordability

As a resort town, the costs of living in Queenstown will not exactly be cheap. Your basic necessities, such as food and transportation, will be affordable enough, but many luxuries and adventure sport opportunities can wind up costing a pretty penny. If affordability is a concern, you can check out GoAbroad’s Scholarships Directory to learn more about financial aid opportunities for study abroad in Queenstown.

Accommodation & Visas

As it is a major travel destination, those who study abroad in Queenstown will likely face a variety of different housing options. Study abroad programs in New Zealand that stop over in Queenstown as part of a larger tour of the country will likely utilize locals hotels as means of accommodation throughout the program, while longer study abroad programs rooted in Queenstown will likely offer students either a homestay or independent living options.

Whether or not you will need to obtain a visa to study abroad in Queenstown depends on your home country and the length of your stay. Students coming from many places will only have to acquire a student visa if they plan on studying in Queenstown for longer than three months, while some countries face stricter requirements and require a visa before arrival. For more information regarding your visa situation, you can check out GoAbroad’s New Zealand Embassy Directory.

GoAbroad Insider Tips

Natural Beauty. Queenstown is a popular travel destination for a reason. It is one of the most scenically beautiful places in the country, and its diverse landscapes offer a wide range of outdoor activities.

Unbeatable Experience. If you are interested in working in the travel or adventure tourism industries, then Queenstown should be at the top of your list of places to study abroad. It is an increasingly popular resort destination where you can gain hands on experience in virtually any subsector of the field that interests you.

Good, Old-Fashioned Fun. There’s no reason to beat around the bush; you will have a ton of fun studying abroad in Queenstown. There is an exciting young pulse to the city and you will have access to some of the very best nature and adventure sport opportunities in the world. Just don’t forget about your studies!

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A Guide To
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