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Mongolia Conservation Program

Round River Conservation Studies' Mongolia Conservation Program provides an incredible opportunity to experience the vast landscapes and biodiversity of Mongolia. Operating from Round River's base camp, students will spend their time assisting partners in remote mountainous regions of Mongolia. Students may participate in wildlife surveys, using camera traps to monitor wildlife, natural hist...


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Mongolia: Geopolitics and the Environment

Examine international relations, natural resource management, nomadic traditions, and economic growth from Mongolia’s unique vantage point. The program looks at the interplay between foreign engagement, economic development, and natural resource utilization in the context of Mongolia, a nation facing rapid economic and environmental change. Students scrutinize the multitude of ways in whic...


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Earth Expeditions in Mongolia

Travel to Mongolia, the "Land of Blue Sky." The birthplace of the Mongol Empire, the largest contiguous empire in human history, Mongolia is now a vibrant democracy and home to an open wilderness that has few parallels in the modern world. We will explore the great steppes, and especially engage in the conservation story of two key steppe species: Pallas' cats and Przewalski's horse. Pallas'...