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Conflicts and Policy in the post-Soviet states

This semester course introduces the general theories of conflict and conflict resolution, augmented by intensive Russian language study. The case studies focus on the conflicts in Ukraine, Georgia, Moldova, Armenia and Azerbaijan. Our approach explores the links between the state policy and conflicts, conflict resolution, and conflict prevention. We will explore the connection between these ...


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The Gilman International Scholarship Program & Boren Awards

International study abroad funding is available through Gilman International Scholarship Programs and Boren Awards programs for all US citizens with good academic standing. Students with exceptional financial need are eligible for both programs, however, Boren Awards tend to go to students interested in long term study and language learning. Moldova is one of the many countries supported by the...


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American Councils (ACTR)

Learn more about Romanian culture in Moldova by studying abroad. The American Councils Eurasian Regional Language Program (ERLP) is based in the city of Chisinau and students may focus on Literature, Culture, and Politics, among others. The program is available during the spring, fall, and summer semesters and is open to worldwide participants aged 18 and above.


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The School of Russian and Asian Studies

Visit Moldova while learning about its society and culture. The School of Russian and Asian Studies has a study abroad program that focuses on Conflict Studies, International Relations, and Diplomacy, and is based in the city of Chisinau. Participants may go on excursions in the country during the course of the program. Open to worldwide participants, the program covers tuition, dorm stay costs...