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A Guide to Studying Abroad in Mexico

México is the home of Fergie, and that place your cool older brother went to on spring break that one time. But, did you know that Mexico is so much more than teen party movies and oversized sombreros? Home to a slew of top-notch universities and more than twenty UNESCO World Heritage Sites, Mexico is an ideal place to study abroad. Some of history’s most famous civilizations built societies in Mexico, many of which can still be accessed and investigated by students today. Studying abroad in Mexico offers students a special opportunity to work in and travel to historical sites and cities that made this prominent country rise to power in ancient times.


Made up of a vast expanse of cities and nation-states, choosing to study abroad in México means students will have a wide-variety of options and programs suitable for nearly any discipline at their fingertips. Outlined below are a few of the best places to study abroad in México, which also have the largest number of programs available.

Mexico City. One of the oldest inhabited cities in the world, Mexico City is known best for its cultural diversity, and over 2,500 historic archaeological zones. Students who study abroad in México City during the fall semester can experience Día de los Muertos, one of the biggest holidays and festivals in the country. Several major universities are located in México City, so students will be able to select the study abroad program that best fits their needs and desires.

GuadalajaraThe second largest city in the country, Guadalajara is also one of the most important political and economic centers in the region. Nestled in between Mexico City and many popular vacation spots, like Puerto Vallarta and Acapulco, studying abroad in Guadalajara is perfect for students who love to travel and explore.

Puebla. One of the most fascinating locations in all of North America, the entire city of Puebla is an UNESCO world heritage site. Retaining nearly all of its early Baroque-style architecture, and with a strong presence of the mestizo culture, students who study abroad in Puebla can take advantage of all the complex cultural dynamics of the city through strong academic programs in the social sciences, fine arts, and history.

Studying Abroad in Mexico

Due to complex social issues relative to several specific regions of the country, such as the struggle for independence starting in Guanajuato or the student olympic protests in Mexico City, many students elect to pursue courses in the social sciences, anthropology, and women and gender studies. But, there are plenty more subjects to explore during study abroad in México.

Archaeology. Ancient civilizations, vast ecological wonders, and storied traditions are just some of the many reasons why archaeology is such an attractive field of study in Mexico. Students studying archaeology in Mexico will have the chance to visit and explore the very sites they are studying in the classroom.

Music & Ethnomusicology.  Students focusing in the folkloric and cultural traditions of Mexican music will find a veritable bevy of locations and styles of music to study abroad in Mexico. From Norteno to Son Jarocho, students can study, listen, and perform some of Mexico’s most well-known music during their time abroad.

History. Focusing your international studies on history opens up a slew of options for study abroad in México, which hone in on a variety of aspects of the field. Some of the famous issues that have influenced Mexico’s diverse history include politics, gender studies, and religion, so all can be explored under the umbrella of history.

Languages. Studying essentially anywhere in Mexico will provide students with the opportunity to enroll in Spanish language programs. Especially pertinent to students of history, archaeology, or ethnomusicology, some universities also offer programs in ancient indigenous languages.

As a supplement to traditional classroom learning, many study abroad programs in México will offer experiential learning opportunities. Students may, for example, be able to participate in relevant volunteer, intern, or even work opportunities during their time in Mexico. Pay close attention and take advantage of every opportunity you have while abroad!

Scholarships & Costs

Studying abroad in Mexico could cost you a pretty peso, or it could be one of the most affordable, financially responsible seasons of your life! The trick is to plan ahead and be budget savvy as you choose a study abroad program provider and a city to call your casa while studying abroad in Mexico.

Some packaged study abroad programs in Mexico will include tuition, activities, housing, AND food (badabing, badaboom). While it may seem like a lot up front, there is a convenience factor of having most of the monetary logistics covered by your provider. If you're looking for the more independent route, you may need to secure accommodations on your own, figure out how to order tasty food (and skip goat brain, unless you're into that), and potentially register to a local language school or university.

No matter the program you choose, you will need to pay for your flights, visas, passports, and of course, a little extra for souvenirs (it's a shame you can't transport tacos al pastor back home so easily, eh?). To mitigate costs, you might consider applying for a scholarship (or dos). Check out GoAbroad's scholarship directory for study abroad in Mexico and get applying today!

Accommodations & Visas

While a few major universities in México will offer students dorm style housing or shared apartment living, in addition to homestays, many schools in less populous areas will only offer homestays or communal housing. Homestay accommodation means students will spend their program living with a host family. This option, while it might seem less appealing to independent students, is actually a fantastic way to assimilate into the everyday life and culture of México; not to mention it can be an extremely rewarding international experience. Most study abroad programs in México offer homestays on a first come, first serve basis, so you’ll want to decide on housing as early as possible!

All students are required to obtain a student visa in order to study abroad in Mexico. As opposed to some other countries and regions, student visas for Mexico are quite easy to obtain, and tend to be inexpensive, especially for American students. Throughout the visa process work closely with the admissions department of your home university, host university in Mexico, and your local Mexican consulate for assistance with paperwork to avoid any snags along the way.  

Benefits & Challenges

Communication. As opposed to some other study abroad destinations, communication to the outside world from Mexico is quite easy, and students will be able to connect with faculty, friends, and family with ease while abroad.

Language Barrier. While Mexico is a phenomenal place to study languages, that is not what every student goes there to do, so you will be able to find options to study other subjects. However, students without a background in the Spanish language may find themselves in a quite a difficult situation outside of the classroom (or if they enroll in Spanish taught courses without realizing it!). Double check all language requirements and follow up with faculty from both your home university and your host university to make sure you are qualified and will be able to be successful in your program even if you do not have any Spanish language skills.

Transportation. Public transportation is very available in Mexico, however due to the vastness of the country, students looking to hop around on weekends should be cautioned to plan ahead. Traveling from Mexico City to Tijuana could take up to two days, but taking a bus from Nogales to Santa Cruz is a pretty manageable trip.

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Sol Education Abroad: Study Abroad in Oaxaca, Mexico

Live and study in the colonial city of Oaxaca in Mexico with Sol Education Abroad. Program participants can explore the country's pre-Hispanic past while taking up courses, which include Spanish language studies, at the University of Oaxaca; the university is one of the oldest universities in Mexico. Students take part in a variety of excursions, like a trip to the Bahias de Huatulco on the Pac...

male Mexican dancer performing as an Aztec warrior

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Low Cost Academic Programs in Mexico with CSA !

Study Spanish language and Mexican culture at the University of Guadalajara in Puerto Vallarta through CSA's international language studies program in Mexico. Open to all students and young professionals, participants can expect an exciting learning experience. This program emphasizes Spanish reading and writing, vocabulary development, listening comprehension, and conversation.


Study Abroad in Mexico with CIEE

Students immerse in the vibrant culture and community of Guanajuato, Mexico while staying with a host family, during this study abroad program, offered by tthe Council on International Educational Exchange. International students from all around the world are welcome to apply an take advantage of a great learning experience, in this vibrant location. Explore Mexico while learning Spanish on mus...


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The University of Minnesota

Open yourself to the world through a study abroad program with The University of Minnesota. Undergraduate students can gain a new perspective by studying in Mexico for a semester. They will explore the culture, lifestyle, and warm people of Cuernavaca, also known as the City of Eternal Spring. The program offers a home stay, meals, language training, and more.


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Intern Abroad with a Global Startup in Mexico City!

We know your type— the independent thinker, self-starter, and creative problem solver who isn’t afraid to go out of your comfort zone. You wouldn’t be on this website trying to find a global experience— and voluntarily go to a foreign country to work or study with strangers— if you weren’t. We get it— and we think that’s pretty cool. Welcome to Sage Corps. Sage Corps is a global entrepreneur...


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Intensive Spanish with the Volunteering in Playa del Carmen

• Our Spanish school in Playa del Carmen is located just six blocks from the white sand beaches, is designed specifically for our programs in the typical Caribbean style. • Our Spanish courses in Mexico have intensive, interactive programs designed to meet the needs of each student. Courses begin each Monday year-round and consist of sessions of 50 minutes with breaks in between. Upon arrival,...


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Center for Global Education, Augsburg College

Explore Mexican History and Culture in Cuernavaca through the Center for Global Education, Augsburg College. Students can either participate in a Summer Academic Program offering courses in Spanish language, Latin Dance, and Mexican Art or during the Spring or Fall to study Environmental Biology, Political Science, and Religion. Excursions in this picturesque city include a visit to the palace ...


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Academic Credit Programs with Broadreach

If you're looking to experience the world, climb aboard. Since 1993, Broadreach has taken over 12,000 students on adventures abroad for middle school, high school and college students. Prepare for hands-on experience, trying new things, making lifelong friends and having amazing adventures while earning a pile of certifications as proof of your achievements. The world awaits!


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Global Vision International

Qualified Divers can assist coral reef, fish and marine mammal monitoring programs in Mexico. Combine professional PADI scuba diving qualifications with marine conservation training and work placements at dive centres around the world.


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Operation Wallacea- Mexico

Operation Wallacea is a research and environmental organisation, working alongside university and college academics to build long term datasets to put towards various conservation management goals. We recruit volunteers to help out with the data collection, and train them in the skills and background that's needed to help effectively. There's also the option to complete dissertations or senior ...


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Spring 2019: Liberal Arts + Culture (All Inclusive)

Join 21,000 students in one of Mexico's most beloved cities. Living with a host family will give participants a deep understanding of Mexican culture as they improve their Spanish skills. Study alongside local students at one of the most prestigious universities in Mexico. During their time in Guanajuato, students will also have the opportunity to experience and travel to some of Mexico's di...


World Endeavors

Live and study in Cuernavaca through World Endeavors. A wide array of disciplines in different fields are offered to international participants who are enthusiastic in not just learning new knowledge, but also the lifestyle and culture of the Mexico. Students will learn Spanish and experience practically conversing in the language while hanging out with their Mexican host family.


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Child Family Health International

Study Abroad with CFHI in the colorful and vibrant Oaxaca, Mexico. Programs are designed to provide observational and clinical experiences where students can shadow, record patient's medical history, and more. Programs are open to students from around the world who are 20 years old and above. Students can explore the richness of the Mexican culture, surf in Puerto Escondido, and visit the Oaxa...


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BCA Study Abroad

Worldwide participants may find an extraordinary number of cultural treasures in Xalapa while studying at one of the prestigious universities in Mexico with BCA Study Abroad. Selections of academic courses are offered to students who are interested in the field of Liberal Arts, Economics, Health Sciences, and others. The program is available to Mexican enthusiasts throughout the year.


The College at Brockport (SUNY)

Learn Spanish in Mexico with SUNY College at Brockport. The winter language program offers students of American nationality to study in Cuernavaca at a well established language school. Live with a Mexican family while integrating into the Mexican culture and lifestyle. Enjoy the additional perks given by the program such as recreational workshops, sport activities, and other extracurricular ac...