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A Guide to Studying Abroad in Cuernavaca

Known as the “City of Eternal Springs”, Cuernavaca is known for its good weather year round. A pre-colonial city with a history over 3000 years long, the city still has a mix of Mexican and Spanish influences today. From the ancient Aztec civilization to Spanish colonial occupation to the modern day Hispanic way of life, there is much to learn through study abroad programs in Cuernavaca. Renowned for its Spanish language and cultural programs, study abroad in Cuernavaca will take learning far beyond on the classroom and immerse students fully in Mexican culture.

Studying Abroad in Cuernavaca

Study abroad programs in Cuernavaca attract students from around the world who are studying a range of majors. Although, the most popular subjects of study in Cuernavaca include Spanish, social science, history, and culture, and service learning programs are also very common.

Spanish. Taking Spanish language courses in Cuernavaca, whether along with or independently of courses in other subjects, is one of the most popular routes that international students choose to follow. Home to several language schools, those who study abroad in Cuernavaca will be able to learn and enhance their written and conversational Spanish skills both in and out of the classroom. Spanish language programs in Cuernavaca often place students in a local host family to enhance their opportunities to practice their Spanish and get to know the local culture.

Social Sciences. International students can study social work and learn from established social welfare policy makers and community leaders in Cuernavaca. Students who wish to learn and grow as social workers will benefit greatly from study abroad in Cuernavaca, as they will be provided with detailed coursework on both theory and practice. Most study abroad programs in Cuernavaca will also expose students to community service opportunities and outreach programs, especially service learning focused programs. Service learning opportunities will help students grow personally and academically and give back to local communities, while learning valuable knowledge about the local way of life and the challenges that locals face.

History & Culture. International students who wish to learn about Spanish culture and the history of the Mayas will enjoy history and culture focused study abroad programs in Cuernavaca. Participating students will be exposed to Mexican culture through various activities and will have the opportunity to attend excursions and visit historical and archaeological sites. What better way to learn about the Mayan civilization and modern day Mexico?

Life in Cuernavaca

The city of Cuernavaca is strategically located at a high altitude in the Sierra de Chichinautzin Mountains. Settled on the mountains’ southern slopes, the city receives warm air from the valley below and cool air from the mountains’ highest altitudes, keeping the city at a comfortable temperature year round.

Cuernavaca has been considered one of the best holiday destinations in Mexico, by both Mexicans and foreigners alike, for years. Its charming, colonial atmosphere, museums, and byzantine architecture attract travelers, expats, artists, and students from all over the world.

In the heart of the city, students can walk around and explore old structures dating back multiple centuries and visit the infamous Morelos and Juarez gardens or the Palace of Cortes. Students will be amazed by the number of old civilization remnants present throughout the city; nearly every corner of Cuernavaca is covered in history.

On weekends, students can take drives to nearby cities and visit numerous archeological sites that are scattered all over Mexico. Nature lovers will be mesmerized by the nation’s diversity, and will have access to plenty of hiking opportunities in in Mexico’s multiple national parks. If all else fails on your free time, you can just relax and indulge in Mexican cuisine!

Accommodation & Visas

Generally, living arrangements for those who study abroad in Cuernavaca will be made by program providers or host organizations. Although, students will typically be able to choose which type of accommodation they would prefer. Accommodation is most often provided through on-campus university housing, private apartments, or homestays.

Staying within the university complex can be extremely convenient for international students, allowing them to interact with both international and local students both at “home” and in the classroom. Those who choose to live in private apartments will obviously have the greatest level of independence while studying in Cuernavaca, but this can be seen as both a pro and con, depending on the student. Students who choose to stay with a Mexican family during their study abroad program in Cuernavaca will have ample opportunities to practice their Spanish language skills, get insider cultural tips or travel information, and build a relationship with Mexico that will last a lifetime.

Students who wish to study abroad in Cuernavaca will need to apply for a student visa before arrival in Mexico, if their program lasts longer than six months. However, international students who want to enroll in a short-term study abroad program in Cuernavaca can opt for the Forma Migratoria Multiple (FMM), which is valid for 180 days and can be obtained at any international airport or Mexican border.

GoAbroad Insider Tips

Language. Study abroad programs in Cuernavaca are incredible international opportunities for students with a great desire to learn the Spanish language. However, students will be even more successful during their program is they learn some basic Spanish before arrival, since not all locals speak English fluently.

Climate. The city of Cuernavaca has a tropical savanna climate that averages 70 degrees fahrenheit year round. Although, the warmest months are April and May and the coldest months are December and January, when temperatures range in the low 60s. Due to the city’s setting in the highlands, it receives just enough wind from every direction, giving it ideal temperatures at all times of the year.

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A Guide To
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