Winter Study Abroad in Malta

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General & Vocational Education, University Preparation

Boost your academic and English language knowledge while experiencing most of Malta through a range of general and vocational educational programs! You will study at one of the world’s first English language schools in the world and the first ever in Malta. We boast of an unmatched reputation, as well as regularly updated teaching methods. Our programs span across university preparation, voc...


Learn English in Malta with Linguago

Malta is a small island in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea that caters for a number of English language schools. Linguago highlights the key schools on the island and assures that its clients are receiving the optimum service based on the highly accredited and regularly inspected schools of English. Linguago programs are designed for a wide selection of individuals, from beginners to adv...


Learn English in Malta with Sprachcaffe Languages Plus

Never thought you'd have the opportunity to learn English so close to the Mediterranean? Well, with Sprachcaffe Languages Plus, that's exactly what you get! Sit on the beach, or with your feet dipped in our on-site pool while you discuss what you learned that day with all of your international classmates! This program is the perfect fit for young adults who want to combine a vacation with a...