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Pre-Medical, Pre-Health and Post Bacc Programs

We have one of the most popular premed exposure programs judging by the learning experience & satisfaction of our past participants. This is suited to aspiring medical students. Academic qualifications for admission to our program will vary based on school system of your respective country. Our program provides real life exposure of what it means to be a doctor, which is critically important fo...


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Nursing Internships in Kenya- Kisumu with GEP

Our Nursing Program was created to go with nursing students who aspire to put into operation of the theories they learned into practice under the supervision of a professional health worker. The program was carefully designed to match clinical preceptorship, nursing elective, self-supporting study or out-of-the-country internship prerequisites. It can be deemed as an experience worth keeping fo...


Wildlife and Conservation in Kenya

The Wildlife and Conservation in Kenya program is designed to expose students to several key areas of conservation science with the additional benefit of on-the-ground field research in wildlife ecology. The areas of focus are: - Conservation in action (general programs, conflict issues, policies, and management practices) - The environment and geography of Kenya - Ecosystem studies (ac...