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Boston University: Venice Studio Arts Program

A semester-long program, the Venice Studio Arts Program offers coursework in Painting or Graphic Design in Venice. The city provides a unique classroom through its canals, walkways, and museums. Unlike other programs in Italy, BU makes sure that students do not study and work only with other Americans, but that they interact with the country's community of artists, students and teachers. The st...


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Athena Study Abroad in Italy

Athena Study Abroad offers several programs in Italy including Florence, Rome, Tuscania and the Tour of Italy (3 cities, 1 semester). All programs offer Italian language courses, as well as a wide range of English-language taught elective courses. There are even more opportunities to visit other destinations in Italy through the field trips included in the program cost! Other Italian sights...


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Budget Low Cost - Italian Language & Culture Schools - 10

Study Italian Language & Culture. Low cost. Flexible schedule. Weekly - Monthly terms. 10 different locations available. Cultural activities and excursion. Housing options including Italian Host Families. Can pay in $U.S. dollars, or Euros. Locations include: Rome, Florence, Milan, Siena, Bologna, Lignano, Venice, Tropea, Salerno, and Sicily. Open to all students and adults worldwide. Emai...


API 3 Cities Program - Tuscania, Rome and Florence or Venice

The Three Cities Program is a unique travel opportunity ideal for any student with a flexible and inquiring mind. Students who are equally comfortable in a large city setting as well as a small, quiet town environment and who are studying history, liberal arts, humanities, and/or language should jump at this opportunity. With the chance to travel through and live in Tuscania, Rome, and Flor...


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LdM Three Cities Program: Tuscania, Rome, Florence/Venice

The Three Cities Program is a semester-long study abroad experience that allows students to retrace the steps of Greek, Etruscan, Roman, medieval and Renaissance cultures by living and studying in three cities which embody these civilizations in all their richness and splendor: Tuscania, Rome and either Florence (Fall Semester) or Venice (Spring Semester). The Three Cities Program begins in ...


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The Fall Session in Italy and Greece

The Fall Session at the Aegean Center is designed to expose students of the arts to the contemporary life and history of two centers of civilization, Greece and Italy. It begins in Italy with an intensive four-week study of Renaissance art and continues in Greece with skills-based, studio art instruction. Our home base in Italy is the lovely 16th century Villa Rospigliosi just outside the ...


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High School Study Abroad in Italy

Language. Art. Architecture. History. Religion. Food. Fashion. Italy has so many things to offer. Like Rome, it will take much more than a day to discover everything, to immerse yourself with your host family, and to become a part of the unique culture that defines Italy. Youth For Understanding USA's (YFU) high school study abroad program is an experience that will immerse you in the lives,...


John Hall Venice

Do you want to know what university or college life feels like? Sign up for the John Hall Venice Course, a pre-university program that takes place in London and Venice - two of the world’s top destinations. It will open your mind, ears, and eyes to a world that you will be venturing to. Running once a year from late January to mid-March, it includes lectures led by experts in global issues,...


Venice Architecture Biennale & Design Course

Become an insider at one of the most prestigious events in Architecture and Design. Get new perspectives and advance your career in creative industries. You love art, design and architecture. You want to connect with people that move creative ideas forward right now. Experience Venice and the Venice Biennale together with like-minded students from all over the world. Your peers come from all...


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Real Italian Regional Cuisine and Pastry

Whether you are a student with basic knowledge or an established professional, CAST Alimenti is the right place to expand your knowledge on regional Italian cuisine and pastry. Since 1996, our school has played a major role in the spread of Italian food culture nationally and abroad. Our classes are taught by the best faculty selected among the most experienced independent professionals in the ...