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Handbag Pattern Making and Prototyping Course

Students in this Palazzo Pucci Events & Academy program will be introduced to the world of handbag production, starting from basic tool knowledge, through to pattern making, use of machinery and technology, to the realization of a leather bag. To ensure a richer experience, the academy will organize some private visits to the most important fashion museums, along with guided visits to materi...


Graphic Design Program

The Graphic Design program is planned for those who want to make design their profession. Our unique program offers Graphic Design studies in a high-quality Visual Arts Academy in Florence, Italy. The program creates a platform for a career as an illustrator or story-board artist in the cartoon/animation film industry, advertising, career in design studios, publishing houses or branding agencie...


Renaissance Art and Culture in Italy

This course is an introduction to Renaissance art by exploring the historical, political and cultural evolution of Italy between the 14th and the 16th centuries. This overview will be not confined to works of art but will include social and patronage issues, such as the role of the guilds and the differences in private, civic and church patronage, which affected the style, form and content of I...


CCIS - Lorenzo de' Medici Three Cities, Italy

Enjoy an exciting semester study in three beautiful Italian cities - Tuscania, Rome, and Florence or Venice! Sign for this study abroad experience in Italy, which connects you to cities with distinct culture and identity. Spend one month each in Tuscania and Rome, and then complete your study in Florence (fall semester) or Venice (spring semester). Each city you will visit possesses an en...


Vada Volaterrana Archaeological Field School

Open to students from European and extra EU Universities, this program involves conducting a survey in the low Cecina Valley (ager Volaterranus) in Tuscany and using landscape archaeology methodology. There will be non-destructive diagnostic techniques applied to the archaeological research - in particular the georadar surveys conducted by Dr. A. Ribolini Dipartimento Scienze della Terra, UN...


Study Abroad in Italy this Summer!

Spend your summer in Italy with Blyth Academy International Summers earning a high school credit! The land of art, philosophy, architecture, fabulous food, and fashion, Italy has the largest number of UNESCO World Heritage Sites on the planet and has often been described as one big living museum. Siena, Italy’s best-preserved medieval city, is home to one of the most beautiful Gothic cath...


CAP Study Abroad Program, Florence

Welcome to Campus Abroad Programs (CAP) The Ultimate in Study Abroad Programs For College Students! Spend your summer and/or fall semester bolstering your resume by taking classes while enjoying the art and culture of the historic city and its Tuscan countryside. You may credits to apply towards your degree and can choose courses in the field of Liberal Arts, Fine Arts and Fashion Design. Sa...


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Real Italian Regional Cuisine and Pastry

Whether you are a student with basic knowledge or an established professional, CAST Alimenti is the right place to expand your knowledge on regional Italian cuisine and pastry. Since 1996, our school has played a major role in the spread of Italian food culture nationally and abroad. Our classes are taught by the best faculty selected among the most experienced independent professionals in the ...


KIIS Winter Study Program in Italy

The KIIS Italy Winter program visits the magnificent capital of Rome and the beautiful city of Florence in Tuscany. Students spend 5 days in each city where they will reside within walking distance of the most famous museums, churches and historical sites. In Rome, students can explore the Vatican, Colosseum, famous churches, and other historical and cultural sites. Courses are designed to inte...


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Polimoda Fashion Design and Business School in Italy

Polimoda is a centre of excellence, recognized worldwide for its high quality, fashion-oriented education. Listed in the BoF (The Business of Fashion) Global Fashion School Rankings 2016 as one of the 10 best fashion schools in the world, and first in Italy, with yearly enrollments of over 1500 students, of which 70% international students, thanks to its professional training by means of highly...


Study in Florence @ Academic Programs I. E.

Study in Florence with Istituto Europeo and join the Semester and Summer Academic programs. Courses offered include Italian Language, Music, and Social Sciences. Study Abroad I.E. has been working with Jacksonville University and some U.S. agencies to provide students, who wish to study in Italy, some valuable international experience. The medium for instruction used is English for all offered ...


Sustainable Agriculture, Food and Justice in Italy

In this 16-credit program from the Higher Education Consortium for Urban Affairs, students live and work at the Castello Sonnino, a historic estate roughly 12 miles outside of Florence, Italy. Since the early 1800s, the Sonnino family has run this estate, and the current generation is deeply committed to cultural and architectural preservation. Their vision for sustainable development encompass...


The Creativity Workshop in Florence Summer

Join the Creative Workshop held in Florence Summer. The program uses the tool of Creative Writing, Art, Memoir, Storytelling, Photography, and Mindfulness. The Creativity Workshop assists participants in developing their creativity on both personal and professional levels. The only requirements needed to qualify for the program are curiosity and interest in exploring the creative spirit inhe...


Study Summer 2017 at Florence University of the Arts

Study Abroad in Europe offers a summer study program at the Florence University of the Arts. The university is a private, higher education institution located in the heart of Florence's historic center. The institution's position places the university in direct contact with the city's culture, movements, and events. The program mission is to offer university level academics and services that...


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Florence School of Fine Arts

A unique and dynamic program of art production dedicated to Knowledge, Imagination, and Innovation. The school is committed to expanding student's outlooks by encouraging creativity and new ideas in an open, supportive, and interdisciplinary environment. With limited enrollment students receive individual attention from instructors and the opportunity to immersive oneself in the Florentine cult...


Undergrad degree - BSc Hons in Business Administration

The European School of Economics' three-year undergraduate degree program Bachelor of Science in Business Administration (BSc Hons) aims to develop pro-active decision makers, managers, and leaders for a variety of careers in business sectors in an international context. The program focuses on innovation, creativity, and leadership, making it a varied and challenging journey towards self-awa...