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93 Study Abroad Programs in All Other Areas in Italy


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Spend a semester studying abroad in the radiant heart of Italy. On Semester in Perugia, you will be enrolled at the Umbra Institute. Founded in 1999, the Institute has set itself apart with distinctive academic programs that allow you the to immerse yourself in Italian culture and learn both in and beyond the classroom. Semester in Perugia has 4 study options: the General Studies Program, the I...


AIFS Study Abroad in Brixen, Italian Alps: January Term

Earn three semester credits over three weeks in Brixen, the heart of the Dolomites in the northern Italian Alps. Students explore the links between Italian cuisine and geography, history and cultural influence in the course: Italian Food and Culture. Topics of discussion highlight regional gastronomic traditions and their origins and delve into issues of regional differences, representation ...


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Boston University Study Abroad

Take part in the Padua Italian Studies Program, which is based at the BU Padua Academic Center. The program is offered in partnership with the University of Padua. The BU Padua Academic Center is strategically situated in the historic center of Padua, which is within walking distance from most departments in the university. To qualify for the program, students must have completed at least t...


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Athena Study Abroad

Athena Study Abroad offers several programs in Italy including Florence, Rome, Tuscania and the Tour of Italy (3 cities, 1 semester). All programs offer Italian language courses, as well as a wide range of English-language taught elective courses. There are even more opportunities to visit other destinations in Italy through the field trips included in the program cost! Other Italian sights...


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Center For Study Abroad (CSA) - Direct Low Cost - Budget

Study Italian Language and Culture while discovering the treasures of Ravenna. Known for its Mosaic Art, history, and culture, this paradise for mosaic lovers is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Its basilicas and baptisteries are decorated with mosaics dating back to the 5th and 6th centuries. Historically, it has been a capital city three times during the Roman Empire. Our program has additio...


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University Studies Abroad Consortium

Bordered to the north by Tuscany and the south by the metropolitan area of Rome, Viterbo is a medieval city boasting of historical, artistic and monumental legacies. At the same time, it offers plenty of social and recreational opportunities. With a lively university community and active art scene, Viterbo is a bustling modern town located approximately one and half hours from Rome and Florence...


Academic Programs International

Academic Programs Internationals program - Experience the Beauty and History of Tuscania  immerses students in the small town atmosphere of authentic Italy. Students will be surrounded with local culture and charm. All classes are taught in English and course selection includes subjects like: arts, sciences, creative arts, and Italian language. There is also a certificate program in archaeolo...



Don’t know Italian yet? No problem! CIEE’s Language and Culture program for students with little or no Italian language background give beginners and lower-intermediate level students a chance to fully immerse themselves in Italy by acquiring and developing targeted language skills. Ferrara will surprise you with its beauty, Old World charms, and places to explore – and you’ll get to see them a...


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The Fall Session in Italy and Greece

The Fall Session at the Aegean Center is designed to expose students of the arts to the contemporary life and history of two centers of civilization, Greece and Italy. It begins in Italy with an intensive four-week study of Renaissance art and continues in Greece with skills-based, studio art instruction. Our home base in Italy is the lovely 16th century Villa Rospigliosi just outside the ...


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Voyager Study Abroad

Voyager Europe, offered by Voyager Study Abroad, is a unique study abroad program. Our students experience an intimate real-world learning experience that immerses them in the art, history and culture of some European countries. In summer 2017, we visit five countries – Spain, Switzerland, France, Italy, and Germany as well as important European cities including Paris, Barcelona, Madrid, Floren...


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Lorenzo de' Medici

The Three Cities Program is a semester-long study abroad experience that allows students to retrace the steps of Greek, Etruscan, Roman, medieval and Renaissance cultures by living and studying in three cities which embody these civilizations in all their richness and splendor: Tuscania, Rome and either Florence (Fall Semester) or Venice (Spring Semester). The Three Cities Program begins in ...


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Forum-Nexus Study Abroad

Curriculum Highlights: Multi-country summer program in Europe: Earn up to 8 credits in the summer while studying in 9 amazing European cities. Students from the U.S. and other countries travel together (with the professors) taking classes, visiting universities, companies and international organizations. Open to all majors. U.S.-accredited university. Acquire a solid understanding of European...


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Accademia dell'Arte - Study Abroad in Arezzo, Tuscany, Italy

The Accademia dell'Arte is a performing arts school and cultural center. Housed at Villa Godiola, a Renaissance era villa that overlooks the city of Arezoo, the Accademia dell’Arte offers study abroad programs in: - Physical Theatre - Dance - Music - Summer Intensive Programs: Physical Theatre and Dance - Interdisciplinary Summer Programs We also host faculty-led study abroad progra...


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New African Diasporas: Transnational Communities, Cultures, and Economies

Experience the vitality and global breadth of contemporary African diaspora communities. Embark on an innovative, comparative study abroad program that takes you from the US, Senegal, and Italy, where you will experience the vibrancy and complexity of present-day African migrant communities living worldwide. Rather than studying migration from a historical perspective, this program looks...