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Study in one of the most beautiful places in Europe! While studying in Ireland, students will be amazed at the picturesque beauty of Ireland while taking part in top notch academic courses! Students travel around comfortably while enjoying CISabroad’s comprehensive study abroad package that relieves them of all the hassle of planning.

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Earn 3 credits exploring Ireland's Island Heritage with AIFS on this interdisciplinary field-based program. Live on campus in self-catering accommodations at National University of Ireland (NUI), Maynooth as well as bed and breakfast accommodations while traveling. In addition to a group farewell meal, breakfast is included throughout. Students spend the first week on the picturesque NUI campus...


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Located in Dublin, Ireland IES Irish General Studies Semester/Year Program allows students to live and study in the famed capital of Ireland. Classes focus on tradition, change, and identity in modern Ireland. Students are also allowed to complement their classes with an internship in which they can earn academic credit. IES Abroad courses also offer credit in a Peace and Conflict Studies ...


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We offer an unmatched variety of academic and internship programs in more than 30 cities on six continents. Our job is to help students realize their dreams to study and intern abroad.


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Dublin is one of the most fascinating cities in the world, a city layered with stories from a rich cultural history defined by relationships with all parts of the world. It has been called the largest village in Europe. ACADEMICS Athena's Dublin program focusing on giving a personalized program with a wide-range of course offerings to students seeking a smaller-school experience. SCHOOL ...


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Looking for a study abroad experience? API offers students the opportunity to broaden their academic knowledge and skills in Maynooth University (MU), the second oldest university in Ireland. If you wish to gain learning in an international environment, do it in MU - an institution known for its academic and learning excellence in humanities and the sciences. Choose from a selection of undergra...


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Thousands of years of Irish culture meet modern charm in Ireland's capital city. Dublin has become a center of high-tech industry and learning, yet still proudly holds onto its historical roots. With just over one million inhabitants, this small capital provides the amenities of a much larger city - from fantastic shopping avenues and renowned restaurants to diverse cultural edifices.


The Study Abroad in Dublin program of The University of Minnesota offers courses that deepen the students' understanding of the complexities of Irish culture. Through courses, an internship, or a directed study, students will connect with the city and the culture in a very tangible way.


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Program Overview Spend your summer in the home of Shaw, Swift, Joyce, Lewis and Yeats, writing your own story of international discovery. Through coursework, cultural activities, and excursions, CIEE summer study abroad in Ireland introduces you to the breadth and depth of Irish culture to offer you an unforgettable international experience. In Dublin you will: - Gain an in-depth look at ...


Eurocentres offers English language courses at its school in Dublin, Ireland, about a block away from O'Connell Street, the main thoroughfare. The school has 18 classrooms, plus a learning center for guided self-study, a listening center, and a computer room with free internet and email access. At Alpha College Dublin, which hosts courses of Eurocentres, students can attend either General Langu...


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Spend a semester, a summer, or an academic year immersing into Irish life in vibrant Dublin! This capital city boasts one of Europe's youngest and most diverse populations, making it an ideal setting in which to study abroad. Take classes through CEA Dublin or our partner institutions, Dublin City University and the International School of Business. While you're gaining credits toward gradu...


The Special Education Program in Dublin, Ireland is a field-based course that allows graduate and undergraduate students to learn directly about special education in Ireland through visits to special education facilities as well as comprehensive schools with adaptations for special needs. In addition to observing classes in a variety of schools, participants will have the opportunity to talk wi...


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Dublin, Ireland features the best of all worlds: an English-speaking capital city, a world-class business center, and plenty of local culture to spice things up! Semester and Year Concentrations - Business, Law & Diplomacy - Computer Science & Software Engineering - Fashion Design & Merchandising - Interior Design & Architecture - Irish Culture & Humanities - Journalism, Communication...


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Conflict and the Struggle for Peace: Explorations in Ireland and the Middle East Academic Experience in Dublin and Amman Spend your summer in Dublin and Amman exploring the process of peace and the sensitive cultural and societal roots of conflict. You'll begin your learning journey in Ireland and continue it in Jordan. You'll take two courses designed to expose you to the theory and pra...


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Sage Corps’ semester study abroad program is your chance to not only learn in a foreign classroom setting but also gain incredible professional experience building a company. While abroad, you'll also establish a global professional network. Your semester abroad will be an amazing cultural experience and may be the ticket to your dream job. For most students, semester abroad is their only oppor...

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Studying Abroad in Dublin

Choosing a study abroad location can be tough; afterall, you are virtually spinning the globe in hopes of finding the perfect place to enhance your education, befriend locals, and embrace a new culture. But scour no more, adventure seekers, because Dublin is a city that takes quality education, spirited socialization, and passion for their culture very seriously. If you want to attend a top-ranking university, hear generations-old Irish tales in a cozy pub, and listen to street performers play trad (that’s local slang for traditional music!), then Ireland’s Fair City is perfect for you. Pack your raincoat, grab your wellies, and begin your study abroad adventure in Dublin!

Study Abroad Programs in Dublin

International students will have no trouble finding an excellent study abroad program in Dublin no matter their area of study. Since Ireland is home to world-renowned academics, all disciplines are held to a high standard, so check your laziness at customs!

English & Literature. It’s no surprise that these majors are always at the top the list of subjects to study in Dublin, thanks to the well-known Irish love of storytelling. With greats like James Joyce, Oscar Wilde, and W.B. Yeats hailing from Dublin, students can literally follow in the footsteps of famous authors on Dublin campuses and throughout the city. Students can choose to study these topics more generally or focus their time studying Irish literature specifically. Outside of the classroom, Dublin offers some of the most enriching cultural experiences to compliment your studies. Students can watch Irish plays in the historical Abbey Theater or peruse the giant collection of books and artifacts in the Dublin Writer’s Museum. 

History. As a city founded in the 10th century by the Vikings, the long history of Dublin makes it a historical hotspot and an remarkable place to study history abroad. The highly reputable history courses offered by Dublin universities are committed to not only research and learning, but also truly bringing history to life inside and outside of the classroom. History lovers can explore 1,000+ years of antiquity throughout the city and beyond. Outside of the classroom, students can walk right up to the Record Tower in Dublin Castle, which dates back to 1228. If historical artifacts are more of your thing, then check out the Book of Kells in Trinity College Library, which was made by Celtic monks in the 800 AD. 

Technology & Engineering. Sometimes overshadowed by the popular liberal arts majors, many people don’t realize how significant technology and engineering is in Dublin. As a major hub for technology, the European headquarters for giants like Amazon, Facebook, and Google all call Dublin home. Thanks to the value of technology in Ireland, students will have the opportunity to study theory and practice in Dublin universities, all while having the latest and greatest classroom technology at their fingertips. 

Courses in Dublin are primarily taught in English, making it an easy transition for native English speakers. The structure of lessons depend on the school and program, but many classes are done in a lecture format in Ireland; students who study abroad in Dublin will typically have large lectures with the professor, complemented by smaller discussion groups. 

Life in Dublin

Ireland’s universities are consistently ranked as some of the top universities in the world, making it a prestigious choice for study abroaders. Dublin alone has 20 different universities, making it feel like you found the pot of study-abroad-program gold at the end of the rainbow. One of Dublin’s most well-known universities, Trinity College Dublin, is Ireland’s oldest college dating back to 1592. Even hundreds of years later, the campus still constantly buzzes with students and visitors wandering around Parliament Square and checking out the famous Trinity College Library.

The academic excellence isn’t the only reason Dublin ranks high on study abroad destination wish lists; did we forget to mention all government-run museums offer free entry to the public? The wide variety of collections spans from natural history, archeology, and decorative arts to the island’s Viking history, religious studies, and even a Beauty and the Beast-esque library. 

Voted the friendliest city in Europe, Dublin is sure to give students a warm welcome during their time abroad. Fifty percent of the population is under 25, giving the city a youthful vibe while retaining its Irish charm. Socializing is a huge part of the culture in Ireland, so many people get together over a pint in a local pub. While Temple Bar district is the most notable for tourists (and St. Patrick’s Day festivities!), be sure to wander a little further to get a true feel for the pub scene. The lively city also hosts many events for year-round entertainment, including an international film festival, Dublin Writer’s Festival, Fringe Festival, Irish dance and music festivals, and so much more. Be sure to pop by Teddy’s for a 99’er on the rare (but nonetheless lovely) sunny Dublin day.

Accommodation & Visas

Sometimes when studying abroad, students can find the accommodation and visa process to be a bit intimidating due to a language barrier. Thankfully, in Dublin, all leprechauns speak English, which makes the entire bureaucratic process significantly easier.

Students who study abroad in Dublin will have a variety of housing choices, including residence halls, student apartments, and homestays. Since many study abroad programs in Dublin provide all the latter housing options for students, housing is often located near the university, making it very accessible. Campus housing options allow students to meet new friends from all over the world and have an instant study group. A homestay gives students a more authentic view of the Irish culture, and include hearty, home-cooked evening meals with the traditional meat and potatoes. 

The visa process in Ireland is quite simple for EU and non-EU citizens. There are plenty of resources available through the university and government websites with clear instructions on how to apply. Most of the application process is done online, and requires students to have their letter of acceptance, paperwork showing the program fees are fully paid, and copies of the student’s passport. You can visit GoAbroad’s Irish Embassy Directory for more information.

Benefits & Challenges

The city of Dublin not only offers top ranked study abroad programs, but also includes castles, cathedrals, and museums to compliment your studies outside of the classroom. With the emphasis on education, your academic experience will go well-beyond the classrooms and textbooks. When you study with a little luck of the Irish, you may even find post-study abroad opportunities, like jobs or internships at one of the many companies headquartered in Dublin. 

Dublin is always a favorite study abroad spot since it offers a smooth transition to life abroad. Everything from the friendly Irish to the prevalent English will make your transition into Dublin even easier. You’ll be properly clinking your Guinness with a strong “Sláinte!” in no time at all. 

Whether your goals for studying abroad in Dublin revolve around academic excellence, having sheep as classmates, or learning through the local experience, the Emerald Isle offers it all. Dublin is where all that green-goodness comes together in the highly concentrated form of universities, museums, and pubs. Pack your bags and head for the city situated on the River Liffey for a study abroad experience of a lifetime! 

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