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ACICIS Journalism Professional Practicum

The ACICIS Journalism Professional Practicum (JPP) is suitable for students of journalism, media and communication studies, cadet journalists, and early career professionals. The JPP runs for six weeks in Indonesia, including a two-week intensive Indonesian language study and industry-led seminars at Atma Jaya University, followed by a four-week supervised industry placement. The program runs f...


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Gender and Conflict in Indonesia

Indonesia, the fourth most populous country worldwide, is a land of breathtaking contrast. It is a place of extraordinary diversity, home to more than 300 ethnic groups speaking over 700 languages. Yet, it is facing tremendous challenges today. The legacies of state-sponsored violence and ethnic conflict that marked the country in the 20th century have yet to be addressed, and communities of su...


Nusa Putra Study Indonesian Program (SIP)

The aim of the Nusa Putra College of Technology program in Indonesia is to give students a complete understanding of the country and, on a larger scale, Southeast Asia. The program is perfect for those who plan to live and study in West Java or just want to learn more about it. During their six-month stay, students will learn about different aspects of Indonesia, from its history, culture, ...