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Indonesian Culinary Art with PCU

Embark on an international gastronomic adventure with this program offered by Petra Christian University. Designed to cater to students from across the globe who are interested in cooking, participants get the chance to advance their culinary skills by learning how to make traditional Indonesian dishes and gain knowledge regarding the wide array of local herbs and spices. To top it off, they ge...


Nusa Putra Study Indonesian Program (SIP)

The aim of the Nusa Putra College of Technology program in Indonesia is to give students a complete understanding of the country and, on a larger scale, Southeast Asia. The program is perfect for those who plan to live and study in West Java or just want to learn more about it. During their six-month stay, students will learn about different aspects of Indonesia, from its history, culture, ...


Indonesian Overseas Program (IOP)

The American Councils Indonesian Overseas Program (IOP) is an intensive semester- or academic year-long overseas immersion program in Malang, Indonesia. It offers students the opportunity to gain new cultural knowledge and language competency while experiencing the vibrant everyday life and rich traditions of Indonesia. The program was established to serve participants from a variety of languag...