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AIFS Study Abroad in Hyderabad, India (January Term)

Spend 3 weeks studying abroad in Hyderabad, Italy. Earn 3 credits in the history/social science class, Contemporary India, studying at the University of Hyderabad. Live in a double room on campus in the international student residence with three meals per day provided in the student cafeteria, including Indian and Western food options. Also included in the program fee, enjoy numerous social...

Jama Masjid of Delhi

Rural/Urban Himalayan Rotation, India

The Child Family Health International Rural and Urban Himalayan Rotation provides students a unique opportunity to study various diseases in clinical environments that represent the rural healthcare systems in the developing country of India. The program focuses on primary care and public health issues, but the emphasis is on the needs of rural communities in India that lack access to healthcar...


Marketing Internship at Fashion Brand

Based out of Kolkata & New York, this fashion brand is venturing into the production and distribution of ethical womenswear, bags and other creative fields, such as homeware. The organisation is looking to expand its target market and it’s reach throughout the world. As the marketing intern, you will be expected to bring a fresh approach to the organisation’s marketing team while understandi...


Wildlife Conflict and Conservation Research Training, India

India has gained a reputation for hosting one of the most burgeoning human populations on the planet. Within it, however, live an incredible range of organisms, from endangered lion-tailed macaques (Macaca silenus) to Bengal tigers (Panthera tigris tigris). Interactions between humans and wildlife in India are emblematic of human-wildlife conflicts that are on the rise the world over. How does ...


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Explore India and Share your Artistic Abilities

Coming to India as an artist can be a great way to further develop your artistic abilities. Art, whether displayed trough paintings or performed as music or theatre, has always been a great way of expressing one’s culture and way of thinking. Though being specifically linked to one’s culture, other people from different cultures often share the same meaning and experience. In India you will...


India : Global Health

India is a great place to expand your knowledge on the study of global health and social anthropology. Students have the opportunity to stay at the Comprehensive Rural Health Program (CRHP) in Jamkhed, Mahrashtra, India. CRHP is a world leader in primary health care movement, and has been training for 40 years now. Students get the chance to visit the rural areas and observe the everyday activi...


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Corporate & Cultural Educational Program

Boost your career with customized SWOB’s corporate educational programs in India, world’s largest growing economy. A piece of experience in the emerging market can contribute considerably to your resume, and doing it with the professionals who work actively to make your experience both professionally and culturally rich can make the experience even more enriching and rewarding. SWOB has pa...


India: Journey through Gandhi's Land

Participate in this two-week study abroad program over the winter break. Open to undergraduate and graduate students, including those who do not attend George Mason University, it explores religious violence and nonviolence in Gujarat. Gujarat is the land of Mahatma Gandhi, giving the state significant historical background on top of diverse landscape and rich cultural heritage. However, vio...


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Living Ecology Permaculture Internship in India

The program is run by some of the most experienced permaculturists in the world. A combined 60+ years of experience, including a mentor that studied under Bill Mollison, guarantees that interns will receive a first class education from the Living Ecology team. Not only that, but participants will also be able to make a difference in the lives of poor rural farmers, making sustainable impacts to...


ACM India: Development Studies and Hindi Language

On the India: Development Studies and Hindi Language program, you’ll immerse yourself in a country that embraces both the dynamic forces of globalization and the deep-rooted traditions of an ancient culture. The program has two schedule options. The spring semester program brings a comparative context to your study of India by exploring two different regions of the country: Maharashtra and Ra...