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Study Graphic Design abroad through affordable and comprehensive programs from CISabroad. The organizatin provides all the essential services every study abroad student needs, such as housing, social and cultural activities, and excursions. Students can join the program in the summer, or for a semester or academic year.


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Spend a semester or academic year in the classic city of London with AIFS. You’ll earn up to 12 credits through a variety of courses studying at Richmond, the American International University in London. AIFS in London offers a unique academic program. Because of the wide range of degrees offered by Richmond, AIFS students have an array of courses to choose from to help fulfill and complemen...


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Experience living and studying in Sydney, Australia, through a Graphic Design academic program from IES Abroad. Participants will study at Macquarie University, where they will immerse themselves in academic and student culture. Students will make the beautiful city their classroom and become involved in hands-on professional internship placements.


A semester-long program, the Venice Studio Arts Program offers coursework in Painting or Graphic Design in Venice. The city provides a unique classroom through its canals, walkways, and museums. Unlike other programs in Italy, BU makes sure that students do not study and work only with other Americans, but that they interact with the country's community of artists, students and teachers. The st...


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Study Arts at the Conservatorium van Amsterdam. You can earn credits throughout a low-cost program offered by CSA. Students can choose from various Arts courses offered year-round. A transcript will be issued. Participants can have fun with the cultural activities, and avail of low-cost housing options. They can choose between Semester, Year, Quarter, Summer, and Monthly terms. They can pay...


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Explore a culturally rich city abroad while studying Graphic Design with API. Programs are offered in Florence, Valparaiso, and London. Students are placed at a top university in different cities and receive on-site support from organization staff.


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Take Graphic Design courses abroad through ISA. The organization offers programs in London and Reading, at London South Bank University, King's College London, the University of Westminster, and the University of Reading. Programs run for a summer, semester, trimester, and full academic year.


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The Gold Coast and Brisbane program is ideal if you want to live and study near some of Australia’s most beautiful beaches and rain forest and are looking for a wide range of courses in diverse disciplines. The program is located along the east coast of Australia which places you in the perfect location to head north, south, or west to explore the best of what Australia has to offer. At Griffit...


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Experience studying and living in Toledo through a program offered by the University of Minnesota in collaboration with Jose Ortega y Gasset Foundation. The program is based in a converted 16th century convent, and offers modern learning facilities with great views of the city and convenient access to public transit and the downtown area. It provides a wide range of courses in the Arts, Social ...


Program Overview Watch a FC Barcelona soccer match and you might catch a glimpse of the stunning architecture that dots Barcelona’s skyline. Come on CIEE’s Architecture and Design program, and you’ll get to see these spectacular buildings up close, from buildings dating to medieval times to the unfinished church of the Sagrada Familia. Study at a local school of architecture and design, visit a...


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A gap year is an incredible opportunity to experience the world, learn a new language, make international friends, and learn about yourself before starting college. John Cabot University in Rome, Italy not only provides an invaluable gap year experience, but also allows you to earn transferrable college credits that will allow you to stay on track for graduation. As an American university in...


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Learn Spanish in the fascinating colonial city of Oaxaca, Mexico. A land of snow-capped peaks, expansive deserts, cool cloud forests, and the beauty of two coastlines, the Pacific Ocean and the Caribbean Sea, Mexico is truly one of the most beautiful countries in the world. Explore indigenous villages and stroll through colonial cities with their welcoming plazas and inspiring architecture. Dis...


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Ready to live and study alongside locals in the cultural capital of the Middle East, Sharjah? With our flexible course enrollment program at one of the United Arab Emirates' most prestigious universities, American University of Sharjah, you will be able to choose classes from the institution's full-course curriculum. Choose from hundreds of high-quality courses to meet your academic requirement...


Further your skills in Graphic Design in Italy! Several courses are offered that are specifically designed to help students pursue a career with design studios or advertising agencies. Students will be able to gain experience designing corporate symbols, advertisements, books, magazines, typography, and much more. At the end of the course, each student creates a career-oriented portfolio desi...

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Studying Graphic Design Abroad

Studying graphic design abroad lets you see a new country and culture while developing your artistic and business skills. Since the industry of graphic design is always changing, taking courses abroad can give you new tools and keep you up to date on the latest trends. Being in classes with international students can give you new perspectives and tools for your own design process, as well as challenge the way you have been trained in methods from your home country.

Why Study Graphic Design Abroad

Building your portfolio and abilities will make you a better graphic designer, and this is exactly what will happen through study abroad. Studying at a new school and working in an international context will allow you to learn from professors who have different specializations and experiences than you may have otherwise encountered.

Through your graphic design courses abroad you will create specific projects and see different ways of presenting your portfolio and even doing group critiques. When you study graphic design abroad, you also develop a better understanding of important designers native to that country that you may have otherwise not known about.

Soft skills such as flexibility, adaptability, problem solving, patience, and empathy are important for any artist or business person, and you will build these skills while studying abroad too. Being surrounded by a new group of people and living in a new country will also influence your creative process and could give you new inspiration.


Most of international universities that offer established graphic design programs are located in Europe, but there are also many opportunities in Australia. 

Australia is an amazing location to study graphic design abroad, because many of the universities in Australia offer well-developed art and design programs. Since there is no language barrier you will be able to choose from a wide variety of courses too. Australian cities are home to many leading graphic design companies, allowing you to build connections through casual networking meetups or potentially have guest speakers in class.

Graphic design courses in Australia might seem more hands-off compared to your home country, without as many check ins throughout the semester and more of an emphasis on big projects. Most professors and students in Australia appreciate a good work-life balance. 

Spain is an incredible destination for international study in graphic design. Both Madrid and Barcelona offer many design schools as well as amazing art museums, and some of the smaller cities around Spain also provide graphic design courses. You can develop your Spanish language skills and get an understanding of the Spanish lifestyle through studying abroad in Spain.

Many graphic design study abroad programs will allow you to build connections with local Spanish students as well as students from around the world, giving you new tools and fostering creative dialogue. If you are interested in learning more about the business of graphic design, some graphic design study abroad courses in Spain also focus on this important element. 

England is a superb choice for graphic design study abroad because of the English language and the sheer amount of programs. London is a well-known hub for art and business, making it a clear leader. However, there are also some exceptional programs in smaller cities, such as Nottingham, – making it easier on your budget and giving you an idea of day-to-day life in England outside of its famous capital.

Studying graphic design in England may be similar to your home country, with a high emphasis on academic rigor and theory in many art programs. In addition, the world renowned museums and galleries in England provide space to step back and be inspired. 

Italy is an amazing country for graphic design study abroad, with some of the world’s most famous cities for art as well as a strong historical connection to all things creative. The most obvious location choice is Milan, with many incredible design schools and the famous professors and alumni that come with being the cultural hub of Italy. Milan is widely considered the design capital of the world and many of the globe’s most established designers choose to work here, from fashion to jewelry to logos to furniture.

Other cities you might consider include Florence for its connection to the world of art and creative apprenticeship, and Rome for its influence on business in Italy. The emphasis on quality and creative process in Italy will give you a new perspective and focus, and you will also be able to build a global network of other designers and students.

Graphic Design Courses Abroad

Studying graphic design abroad may be similar to taking courses in your home country in that it will emphasize both artistic theory as well as technological tools. Basic graphic design courses will focus on foundational elements of design as well as techniques, with programs such as Photoshop, InDesign, and Illustrator.

Intermediate level classes will touch on visual communication strategies and different approaches to this, as well as topics such as brand identity, logo development, and other marketing ideas that influence most graphic design jobs. If you plan to take advanced courses during graphic design study abroad, it is recommended that you confirm this with your program ahead of time as these classes could be competitive and might not be open to foreign students.

Many graphic design courses abroad will have similar requirements as studio art courses on your home campus, so you may be asked to show your abilities through submission of your work or a list of past design and art courses.

Advanced courses require a high level of graphic design experience and give you the opportunity to further build your portfolio, possibly matching you with a company or organization to do specific work with during your time abroad.

The method of instruction and breakdown of units throughout graphic design courses will vary depending on your destination. You can expect several critiques of your graphic design work throughout the program and an opportunity for creative discussions with your peers though.

By focusing on methodology, technological trends, and design knowledge, the courses in your graphic design study abroad program will give you new tools for better visual communication. Specific topics in your graphic design classes could be editorial design, web interface layout, typography, text and image combinations, logo creation, color influence, and advertising. You can focus on digital or print media, or both.


  • New Perspective. A graphic design study abroad program will give you new perspectives and methodologies to utilize in your creative process. You can build connections with international teachers, students, and professional designers who can influence your projects and give you guidance.
  • Diverse Professional Portfolio. You will be able to build your portfolio through assignments over the course of your study abroad program. In a highly competitive field, such as graphic design, articulating your experience studying abroad and showing how it influenced your work will set you apart from other candidates.
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