Winter Study Abroad in Gibraltar

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IAU - January Term Traveling Seminars

Experience a highly enriching study abroad program, J-term Traveling Seminars, which take place every January. Offered by IAU, these have varied duration and location. Its academic component comprises a series of seminars led by renowned European experts, academic faculty, and political and literary personalities. You will attend daily meetings and lectures with our respected scholars, as well ...


J-Term Seminar with ASA - France, Gibraltar, Spain

Join us as we take students to any of three European countries: Spain, Gibraltar, and France through the J-Term Traveling Seminar. This can be treated as a stand-alone program (3 credits) or combined with ASA's spring semester in Aix-en-Provence (18 credits) for which students will receive a discounted program fee. Credit can be earned in one of four courses: Art History 395: Classical Isl...