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Ghana Accra Global Health Program (Summer)

The Accra Global Health Program is a six-week summer term program jointly developed by Boston University and Lancaster University. The program will provide undergraduate students with the opportunity to explore the critical topic of public health in West Africa. Students will explore the relationship between microbiology and the social determinants of health through a course hosted at the ne...


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Affordable, Comprehensive Study and Intern Abroad Programs!

CISabroad study and intern abroad programs are some of the most affordable, comprehensive program packages available. We also don't cut any corners by offering everything you would expect from an overseas program: tuition, housing, support before, during and after; insurance, excursions, social and cultural activities, and airport pickup - all as the core of our program package. Some programs a...

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USAC GHANA: Accra - African Studies & Full Curriculum

The Accra program offers a unique opportunity for students to live and study in the heart of West Africa. It is the perfect destination for those who want to learn about the complex issues facing a developing African nation while enjoying a rich cultural, historical and social experience. You may enroll in a traditional African Studies program or choose from a wide array of courses taught in En...

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Summer Dance and Cultural Immersion in Ghana

Travel around Ghana in this three-week all inclusive trip with a group of Africa enthusiasts and performing artists and receive state of the art dance training from some of Ghana’s most accomplished dancers and musicians. Guest artists will also visit the center to offer courses in batik, tye-dying, kente weaving, drum making, blacksmithing, and other cultural arts of Ghana. The program is led ...


New York University Accra

Located in suburban Labone, the NYU center houses offices, classrooms, art studios, a reading room, a computer lab, and a nurse’s office. Its wireless network keeps you connected to friends and family back home. On arrival you will attend an orientation that introduces you to local customs and teaches you key phrases in Twi, one of the most common local dialects in this English-speaking country...


CIEE Summer Ghanaian Studies in Legon, Ghana

Spend a summer exploring one of the most vibrant countries in West Africa. Through the Summer Ghanaian Studies program you’ll gain an appreciation of Ghana’s rich culture and tradition; learn how slavery, colonization, independence, and Pan-Africanism have influenced the country’s present-day society; and develop a better understanding of Ghanaian people through the academic courses, co-curricu...


West African Civilization and Aesthetics in Ghana

The program is intended to investigate aspects of the historical, literary and artistic bases of West African civilization. It offers a special opportunity for all students interested in classical and contemporary African history, politics, literature, music, dance and theater to learn about these subjects through academic study and personal cultural experiences. The program is based at the Uni...


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Summer Impact Fellowship - Thinking Beyond Borders

Thinking Beyond Borders' Summer Impact Fellowships are unique opportunities to gain valuable work experience in a field fellows are passionate about while also learning the skills to be a social justice leader. Fellows will develop the capacities that result in social impact leaders who are uniquely qualified to create greater equity and justice. These capacities include critical understandi...


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Hospital Medicine in Coastal Ghana

Immerse yourself in a beautiful Ghanaian city while learning about the countrys approach to providing healthcare services to its citizens. Program participants will gain a global perspective on the overall Ghanaian healthcare system delivery services, various socioeconomic factors, and the structural and financial healthcare challenges medical professionals deal with. They will be able to addr...


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Combined Community Building Project and Ecotourism in Ghana.

If you’re on a gap year, summer placement, or career break and want to get your hands dirty, our Community Building Project in Ghana may be right for you to join a team of international volunteers and local people constructing simple buildings in the local communities. In many areas of Ghana, thousands of families live in inadequate accommodation and children attend school in crumbling build...