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A Guide to Studying Abroad in Dresden

In the east of Germany, split by the Elbe River, lies a land full of baroque domes and spires, lush meadows along a picturesque waterfront, and top-notch educational institutions. Dresden is the capital of the German state of Saxony, but is often referred to as the “Florence of the North” due to its photogenic qualities. With a huge multicultural community, international students will feel at home immediately. Whether you want to improve your German language skills or earn a bachelor degree, Dresden is the perfect location to study abroad in Germany!

What You Need to Know about Studying Abroad in Dresden, Germany

The beautifully classic city of Dresden is the second largest city in Germany and the educational epicenter of the country. Studying abroad in Dresden means enjoying some of the best science and technology universities in all of Germany, making it the perfect location for tech lovers. For those wanting to study other fields, have no fear! Dresden offers excellent study abroad programs for international students in all areas, from language studies to international business, and everything in between!

Popular subjects to study in Dresden. Students have endless options when choosing to study abroad in Dresden. Of course, students wanting to study science, technology, engineering, and math will have the best schools to choose from in Germany; however, other popular subjects include international business, humanities, and foreign language. Most programs require students to take intensive German classes before or alongside the rest of their studies to ensure an easier transition to the German school system.

Short-term and summer programs vs. long-term programs in Dresden. Whether you want to spend a summer practicing German in your lederhosen (traditional German leather pants) or a year earning credits for your bachelor degree, you’ll have many options when choosing to study in Dresden. While most students choose to study for a semester abroad, others can choose short-term exchanges at universities of just a few weeks, or a long-term cultural exchange where you can study up to one year

Attending universities vs. other program types in Dresden. While Dresden is teeming with the best German universities, there are plenty of other options for students abroad. Enroll in German language studies which allows you to integrate into the culture and travel surrounding areas, join an internship program that combines coursework with internship preparation and placement, or mix the two with university studies!

Life Abroad in Dresden, Germany for International Students

Despite Dresden’s devastating history of destruction linked to World War II, the city has emerged as strikingly beautiful, restored, with great influence on European architecture, music, and literature. Museums have been built to treasure the valuables saved from war bombings, and majestic churches, palaces, and state buildings have created a picture perfect south side. North of the Elbe River is a different land all together, with colorful graffiti streets, bohemian bars, indie cafes, and modern art that contrast the south’s elegance.

International students in Dresden typically live with other students, so you’ll have plenty of opportunities to make friends and save money. Stay in student residences, rent your own apartment with other students, or move in with a local family for a fully immersive experience. Take advantage of the cheap public transportation system. Can you say ‘one-euro cross-country bus fare?!’ That’s right, students in Dresden can spend their weekends and holidays exploring the rest of the country. Sip coffee in artsy cafes in Berlin, discover new music in Hamburg, or visit the Bavarian Alps for a Christmas in Winter Wonderland.

GoAbroad’s Inside Scoop for Study Abroad Students in Dresden

While some countries, like the United States, charge an arm and a leg in tuition fees, Germany’s educational centers can save you money. German schools receive excellent governmental funding, which means fewer study fees! Depending on your country of origin, you may even be eligible for free education. Even if this isn’t the case, finding study abroad programs in Dresden will feel financially amazing compared to other study abroad costs.

Students abroad in Dresden should be prepared for a bit of culture shock when it comes to their studies. Not only is financing different in Germany, but the academic lifestyle will differ as well. You won’t have a professor cheering you on or paying you extra attention, so it is important to be self-motivated, self-monitored, and punctual. German students adopt a ‘work hard, play hard’ mindset, but there tends to be a divide between campus life and social life. Time spent on campus is for academics, but once you’ve closed the books, be prepared to celebrate!

A world-class education awaits you while studying in Dresden, Germany! Who could say ‘no’ to the some of the best universities with the cheapest education fees? Combine this with a picture perfect backdrop, easy travel opportunities, and a plethora of bars, museums, cafes, and shops to explore with new friends, and you have your perfect location for studying abroad.

Not convinced yet? Read our comprehensive guide on studying abroad in Germany.

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A Guide To
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