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CISabroad study and intern abroad programs are some of the most affordable, comprehensive program packages available. We also don't cut any corners by offering everything you would expect from an overseas program: tuition, housing, support before, during and after; insurance, excursions, social and cultural activities, and airport pickup - all as the core of our program package. Some programs a...

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American Institute For Foreign Study

Earn 3 credits during a 3-week January term program studying at Cours de Civilisation Française de la Sorbonne (CCFS). CCFS is an independent unit of the University of Paris recognized for teaching excellence in the disciplines of French language and French culture and civilization. You have the opportunity to take Fashion in France 18th-21st Century while living in a renowned fashion capit...

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IES Abroad: Global Brilliance Begins Here

IES Abroad offers 120+ programs in more than 35 locations worldwide for undergraduate students. We're a little obsessed with study abroad, and not at all ashamed to admit it. We are a highly-charged force of study abroad enthusiasts. Every day we have the privilege of witnessing how study abroad changes our students' lives. That's the reason we do what we do: to provide once-in-a-lifetime ed...

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API at the Université Grenoble Alpes (CUEF)

Come discover true France while living in the heart of Grenoble. Ideal for someone who is eager to learn the French language and immerse themselves in French culture, this city and program are perfect for both. Semester students take 18-20 credits per term, live with a wonderful host family, experience the French outdoors and find adventure en plein air! With API, every student will experienc...


CIEE January Language and Culture Program in Paris, France

Program Overview Dive into the words of Diderot. Wonder at the brush strokes of Monet. Climb the steps of the Eiffel Tower. CIEE’s January Language and Culture program is like a Parisian cubist painting, offering a multitude of perspectives. You’ll go on group excursions to Normandy and Chantilly. Along the way, you’ll discover your own favorite sights, tastes, and memories of the City of Ligh...


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This program is dedicated to the business of fashion, specializing in marketing, communication and distribution in the designer and luxury market, including textiles and accessories. This undergraduate program has been designed for students with a high school degree or an associate’s degree in another field, with a strong desire to pursue a career in the fashion industry. Students will c...


ISA Study Abroad in Paris, France

Sign up for our ISA Paris program and get the chance to attend French culture and language classes based on your language proficiency level! Your choices of institutions are the American Business School of Paris (ABSP), the Sorbonne - Cours de Civilization Française de la Sorbonne (CCFS), and the Catholic University of Paris. All courses, except French language courses, are taught in English by...


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Athena Study Abroad in Paris, France

The very city of Paris itself will be your classroom in this program with Athena Study Abroad! The Paris, France program focuses on the interaction of students with their surroundings-the city of Paris itself. Classes do not only take place in traditional classrooms, but also venture out to prominent aspects of Parisian culture, such as the Louvre or even walking the streets to learn about P...


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Center For Study Abroad (CSA) - Direct Low Cost - Budget

Study French language and culture. Verified, excellent programs.Low cost. Flexible starting dates. Open to all students and adults worldwide. Can pay in $U.S. dollars, or Euros. Housing options. Earn college credit. Various locations. Go direct with CSA. Save $$$.


Superior Culinary Arts Diploma

The Ducasse Education Superior Culinary Arts Diploma is a program dedicated to culinary arts graduates and practicing chefs who want to complement their culinary expertise and advanced technical skills. This program provides the highest standards expected at top international establishments and the highest level of expertise for every specialty in the professional kitchen, from cold kitche...


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SEA Semester: Marine, Cultural & Environmental Studies

Join Sea Education Association and students from around the globe in our fully accredited study abroad program, the SEA Semester®. This is open to all majors and is perfect for students looking for a hands-on, field based study abroad experience combined with the adventure of sailing on a tall ship. Sea Education Association (SEA) is recognized internationally for undergraduate ocean educati...


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French Courses all year around in Paris, France

Come and enroll in a French language course at a leading French language school in France. With a history dating back over 25 years ago, we guarantee vast experience and knowledge of teaching French to foreign learners. Studying with us allows you to receive optional ECTS university credits! Our school is on the Grands Boulevards, in the center of Paris! There is no better place to master ...


IAU - January Term Traveling Seminars

Experience a highly enriching study abroad program, J-term Traveling Seminars, which take place every January. Offered by IAU, these have varied duration and location. Its academic component comprises a series of seminars led by renowned European experts, academic faculty, and political and literary personalities. You will attend daily meetings and lectures with our respected scholars, as well ...


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The French intensive course is the perfect option for students who want to improve in French as much as possible during their stay. The French intensive course is suitable for all students, regardless of their existing knowledge of French, as students are divided into groups with the same language level. This is an ideal program for both complete beginners of French, who want to progress as...


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Schiller International University

The Master of Arts in International Relations and Diplomacy is designed to prepare its participants for careers in the fields of foreign affairs, journalism, or business. Combining a traditional approach to the study of international relations with practical training in the mechanics of contemporary diplomacy and international negotiations, the master program can be completed in two semesters o...