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A Guide to Studying Abroad in Tours

History, culture, and architecture! Tours, mon amour, has it all. By studying abroad in Tours, you’ll experience what it’s like to live in a dream from morning to night. The extensive variety of cafés, restaurants, and gardens that you encounter around the 18th-century avenues make Tours one of the most outstanding French study abroad destinations. Tours is located beside the scenic Rivière de la Loire, and was designated a UNESCO world heritage site. Study abroad in Tours and voyage to the past in the most authentic way.

What you need to know about studying abroad in Tours, France

By studying abroad in Tours, you will gain valuable knowledge, explore the past through culture, and learn about France’s most emblematic aspects. Consider these options when studying abroad in Tours. 

Popular subjects to study. By studying abroad in Tours, one of the most charming areas of France, it’s a must to learn one of the most charming languages, le Français. Learning a new language will give you access to significant opportunities, and help you immerse yourself with the culture in the most sincere way. At the same time, in order to have a complete understanding of French culture, it is common for students to learn about architecture, literature and medieval art, as well as history

Short term summer programs vs. long term programs. Once you decide what you want to study, it’s time to decide for how long! Although there’s never enough time to discover a new culture, and learn everything there is to learn about it, some programs clearly need more time than others. 

Short term or summer programs are a very popular option. This is when most students decide to study abroad, giving you the opportunity to meet amazing amis, improve your French, and get a taste of life abroad. Of course, if you can squeeze a semester or year abroad into your schedule, there are many long term benefits to be had (besides more chances to try different macarons). 

Attending universities vs. other program types. Many students opt to study abroad in Tours through a university program. It is a great option when going abroad, since it will allow you to meet new people that share your interests. These programs will provide you with the material you need to fully comprehend what you’re learning and where you are; however, it can be more expensive than other program types. 

You can also choose to go through a program provider (like the ones listed here)—you can typically get university credits for these programs, and meet people from all over the US instead of just your school. You can also directly enroll in a French university in Tours, like François Rabelais University.

Life Abroad in Tours, France for International Students

You can think as Tours as a welcoming and heart warming place to make memories! You will feel right at home from the beginning in this French community. 

Tours is home to four museums and galleries, including the emblematic Le Musée des Beaux-Arts; thus, the spirit of many recognized French writers and artists like Rembrandt, Balzac, and Fouquet can be found here. Besides appreciating some of the most mesmerizing works of art in the world, you can also roam around the area and discover the exceptional castles, dating back to the 15th-century. 

Crêpes, éclairs, and croissants can all be found in the little markets around Tours. Learn about the culture through your belly—it’s our favorite.

Studying abroad in France is amazing and meaningful, however, such a cultured and complete country tends to be pricey as well. Make sure you shop locally to minimize costs and visit the most authentic places!

GoAbroad’s Inside Scoop for study abroad students in Tours

Studying in a country where a foreign language is prominent is a challenge. Just remember to take advantage of the experience, the people around you and LEARN! Learning French in Tours will add some serious pop to your time abroad—and your resume.

If you opt to study abroad in Tours, consider visiting Paris as well! Immersing yourself in the glamour of la Tour Eiffel is a must when you come to France, and understanding French culture in a cosmopolitan ambiance will benefit your study abroad experience enormously. 

Last but not least, remain aware and open to your experience, and the freedom you’re slowly acquiring. Every experience is what you make out of it. Be adventurous, grab your camera, pique nique, and voilà! You’re ready to fall in love with Tours.

Falling in love with Tours is not enough? Fall in love with the whole country. Read our comprehensive guide in studying abroad in France.

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