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Study in Oxford

Study Abroad Programmes : Summer, Semester or Year in Oxford. We arrange study abroad programmes for individuals and school or college groups. These are generally taken in the summer, but year round programmes are also available. There is a very wide range of subjects - humanities, languages, sciences, social sciences, business subjects are all offered. Students normally take two subjects an...


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Low Cost - Budget Study Abroad With CSA

The Center For Study Abroad (CSA) offers low cost, non-profit study abroad programs worldwide. Since 1990. See website to review programs and register. The programs are open to all. It is easy to register and qualify for any of the programs. Participants are guaranteed a quick confirmation. They get the chance to earn college credit. They benefit from the flexible schedules, housing, travel...


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Language School Bournemouth

Eurocentres offers a variety of English language courses at its school in Bournemouth in South West England. The school is surrounded by beautiful private gardens and is only a 10-minute walk from the sea and the center of this seaside resort town. The school complex has 22 large and brightly lit classrooms, a lecture room, and a multimedia learning center with wireless internet connection. A c...


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BUNAC - Intern in Britain

Intern in Britain: Learn. Explore. Grow. BUNAC's exciting Intern in Britain program gives you the chance to get closer to your career dreams, interning in the UK and gaining stellar professional experience for up to 6 months. Seize the opportunity to experience British life and culture from the inside. From world-class arts and culture to business and financial capitals and all of Europe ...


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Graduate Internships in London with Mountbatten Institute

Live, work and study in London: Apply now! International experience is highly regarded by today’s employers. The Mountbatten program provides a world-class internship with leading companies in London, along with an accredited business qualification up to MBA level – all in just over a year. Develop your skills and experience, expand your professional network and travel. The program includes: ...


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Intern and Work Experience Placements Worldwide

Taking part in an internship abroad is a great way to travel, learn more about a particular field and still make a contribution to the global community. An internship abroad is a challenging learning experience that will help you stand out to future employees as someone passionate about what they do; it will also be an opportunity for you to gain practical experience in a field or industry you’...


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Short-term UK Semester programs with Across The Pond

Across The Pond are the official North American representative for Semester and Year long programs across Scotland, England, and Wales. Our UK Study Experts provide free one to one support and guidance on researching and applying to UK universities, and each of first-hand knowledge of studying in the UK.


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Study and Intern in London, England at LSBU with ASA

Travel to London where you bask in its fascinating blend of rich history and 21st-century modernity! You will attend classes at the London South Bank University (LSBU), one of the city’s oldest universities. All study abroad students are required to take one required core course plus 3 elective courses of their choosing. The 2 core courses that students can choose from are London: City of Chang...


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10% Discount on Any Course for Any School in the UK

This is your chance to further your studies abroad without worrying about having to pay typically high fees. Student Works coordinates with many schools across the UK, allowing us to offer 10-percent discount off course and program prices. This privilege is offered on top of additional discounts the school provides. You will be provided with assistance, whether you wish to study English, fi...


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Sport Management Short Course Programme

Obtain an extensive view of various sporting areas and gain necessary skills to thrive in this field; controlling fan-packed stadiums, controlling the production of sports memorabilia, and single player management. Three central topics will be mastered in this course: sports marketing, sports management, and sports event organisation. After a series of tutorials and seminars including case stud...