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A Guide to Summer Study Abroad in England

Soar across the pond to spend a summer abroad in England, the birthplace of some of the most famous scholars in the world (like William Shakespeare and Hermione Granger). You’ll experience the best of everything England has to offer — free of rain no less — all while receiving a top-notch education. Explore the countryside, admire the global atmosphere, and watch as your studies come to life in the gateway to Europe. Visiting England in the summer as a student is a gift not many are afforded; jump start your foray into bad accents and sweetened tea with a summer study abroad program!

Why Spend Summer Abroad in England

A summer study in England is a two-for-one: you’ll be catching up on credits and having an extended vacation! Plenty of sunshine and warmer temperatures makes winter’s rival season the ideal place to visit Ol’ Blighty. You’ll have a smashing good time witnessing the royal parks and gardens blossoming. From a couple of weeks to a couple of months, your classes at universities in England will keep you engaged well beyond the the morning bell toll.

Take your pick of the lot for classes: most of the summer programs in England offer courses ranging from theater to international relations to biology. You’ll have no problem with language barriers in your summer classes since England speaks our English mother tongue— though you might have to have locals repeat themselves if they have strong accents! Some of the programs even provide one-on-one instruction with professors, private classes, and small group tutorials for you to get the most out of your brief summer education.


Visiting England will make you feel like Doctor Who, traveling back in time through a pop-up history book. After spending the day in lectures or learning about the wonders of England, you’ll spend the evening munching on meat pies and downing a pint with your new mates in one of the (many) pubs available (you can find them on basically every street corner!).

With a blend of modern and historical sites, cultural diversity, and endless landmarks, you’ll never want to sleep in London. This capital city, standing on the Thames Rivers, offers sights and sounds that will keep you and your peers actively engaged during your summer study abroad in England. Your classic field trip morphs to visiting the Shakespeare Globe Theatre, Westminster Abbey, the Tower of London, and more. To soak up some Vitamin D, trade in your scholarly glasses for some sunglasses and walk through the Columbia Road Flower Market. A London summer is incomplete without a visit to the Open Garden Squares weekend.

In southwest England lies Oxford, home to the University of Oxford, the oldest English-speaking university in the world. While you’re not surrounding yourself in scholastic endeavors in this medieval city of spires, gather your peers and grab some Pimm’s to go punting along the riverbeds for an afternoon. Stroll through the tranquil Botanic Garden and then cool off in the marbled halls of the Ashmolean Museum to learn about archaeological centuries-old artifacts.

A 45-minute train ride away from London, Cambridge is a collegetown mecca, with a network of cobbled passageways to walk along the same paths as scholars like Sylvia Plath, Charles Darwin, and Sir Isaac Newton. To take a breather from your studies, explore the Backs alongside River Cam and experience the tranquil views of gardens, bridges, and colleges. Ready to amp up the fun? Nothing says summertime like food, festivals, and fairs – round up your classmates and head to the Midsummer Fair or the Strawberry Fair to go out on the lash.

Tips for Summer Study in England

For a jolly good time, keep these tips in mind when visiting England in the summer. While most days are warm, you’ll experience some showers here and there — after all, you are on an island in the middle of the Atlantic. Remember to pack some warm clothing and an umbrella in your backpack to save for a rainy day. You’re only in England for a short time, however, so don’t pack too much! You’ll want to save some room for souvenirs or other trinkets to remind you of your incredible time there.

Make sure you have a good pair of kicks to discover sights off-the-beaten path and to bathe in the sunshine. To rest your legs after some exploration, go for a ride via public transportation. It’s tourist season, however, so get ready for crowded rides on the “dube”—don’t worry, it makes for excellent people watching or an excuse to put in your earbuds to catch up on podcasts!

Summer Abroad Scholarships England

While the cost to study abroad in England in summer will be less expensive than a full semester, the tourist season will be at full blast during this time—airfare, food, and activity costs will be higher than usual. To cover some of the expenses during this time in England and to minimize the total price tag, consider applying for these summer study abroad scholarships in England. 

  • CEA provides a myriad of summer study abroad scholarships based on need, merit, and diversity. The range of the scholarships fall between $500 to $1000. With some essay finessing and a good GPA, you’re bound to be rolling in some dough.
  • API awards thousands of dollars every year to students from all backgrounds. API’s scholarships are within the scope of $200 to $750. The deadline for the majority of the summer scholarships is April 1st (no joke!).
  • If you’re participating in an ISA program, apply for a Kingston University scholarship to receive £200 (~$255)—you must have at least a 2.75 GPA to apply. The deadline changes every year, so take a look-see first.

In for a penny, in for a pound, right? You might be overwhelmed with looking for scholarships, but you’re digging will pay off. Take care to be mindful of scholarship requirements and deadlines, so you can loosen up the purse strings later for a banoffee pie (a beloved local dessert). Ask the program coordinator what scholarships are available, and to find a variety of summer study abroad scholarships in England, visit’s Scholarship Directory.

Benefits & Challenges

Not only will you be widening your horizons by experiencing a new culture, your international experience abroad will open doors back home for furthering your education and career. The fact that your resume will say that you received education from leading universities in England will razzle dazzle employers and graduate programs. They’ll recognize that you developed skills in thinking independently, creatively, and critically. You’ll be at the top of their list for interviews!

Your courses may be rigorous and challenging in England, but they will also be rewarding and valuable. Go out for some fun at night and on the weekends with your new pals to take your mind off things! While the crowds are fun at first, keep your valuables in mind and hold them close to you. No one wants to go home with a police report as a souvenir.

To go to England or not go to England—it’s obvious, spend a summer abroad there! Cross England off your bucket list than by hitting the books AND loading up on Instagram pictures by studying in England summer 2017.

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A Guide To
Summer Study Abroad in England


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