Study Abroad in East England

9 Study Abroad Programs in East England


University of East Anglia

Spend an enriching break from your school by attending the University of East Anglia's International Summer School. Get the chance to live in the UK and learn at a leading university. For 4 weeks, you will enroll in a course and gain academic credit. This is a flexible program that helps you develop advanced skills and gain new ones. You will undergo over 40 hours of intensive, participativ...


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Across the Pond

Across The Pond are the official North American representative for Semester and Year long programs across Scotland, England, and Wales. Our UK Study Experts provide free one to one support and guidance on researching and applying to UK universities, and each of first-hand knowledge of studying in the UK.


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10% Discount on Any Course for Any School in the UK

This is your chance to further your studies abroad without worrying about having to pay typically high fees. Student Works coordinates with many schools across the UK, allowing us to offer 10-percent discount off course and program prices. This privilege is offered on top of additional discounts the school provides. You will be provided with assistance, whether you wish to study English, fi...


QS Course Finder

Are you choosing to study accounting in the UK? Find your best match programs in the QS Course Finder directory. Our Student Support team will assist you in choosing your suitable program and offer you advice and more information on the selected course. A degree or certification in accounting will provide you with skills and knowledge relevant to any business, which means you are free to ...


IFSA-Butler at the University of East Anglia

Ever dreamed of studying near a castle with streets made of cobblestone? The Institute for Study Abroad, Butler University, program at the University of East Anglia has these and more. Despite its historical backdrop, the university itself is modern, with teaching departments organized into interdisciplinary schools for study in a broader academic context. The university boasts a number of amen...


We are Essex! What can we offer you?

No university experience is the same, and Essex is not the same as any other university. Our students do not just listen but learn to ask the difficult questions and then find the answers – learning how to lead, not just follow. An Essex experience is about choice, relevance, and developing you as a person. With us, you are not just a student, you are a member. Essex introduces you to people...