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Flamenco Guitar Courses

When you hear the word ‘flamenco’, the image of graceful Latina dancers in a red dress probably comes to mind. But flamenco is much more than that; it includes numerous aspects - singing, finger snapping, dance, handclapping, vocalization, and guitar playing. If you’re interested in the latter, take up any of our Flamenco Guitar Courses, which are open to all people. At Elemental Guitar Stu...


Study Abroad in Ecuador

Yanapuma Foundation has been a third-party provider for study abroad programs for United States and international universities and colleges in Quito and Cuenca since 2007. The foundation offers optional Spanish classes at all levels that can be combined with volunteering at one of several community and grassroots projects in either Quito or Cuenca. Students can volunteer or intern at health cen...


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Study Abroad - Experience Ecuador!

Designed for students who want to have a deep learning and intercultural experience in Ecuador, the semester program of Universidad Ecotec begins with a six-day orientation tour starting in the capital city of Quito. This tour, which includes travel to many historic, cultural, or natural attractions in Ecuador, will aid international students in adjusting to their new environment. During the...